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381 If You Dont Want To Fall In Love, Why Go On [Secret Love Exchange]

After Lou Ruicong sat down, everyone fell silent.

Those who could make it in the entertainment industry were all very perceptive.

They bullied the weak and feared the strong.

Oh, no, they respected their seniors.

Young and inexperienced celebrities were even more subservient and submissive.

Some celebrities would use big names — but Lou Ruicong was not a big name!

How could a small fry be so arrogant!

The scriptwriter reminded, “That seat is reserved for the director.”

Lou Ruicong looked confused.

“Isnt there a seat over there”

The scriptwriter explained, “But this seat is in the middle.

Only the director can sit there.”

Shi Xi finally understood why Lou Ruicong was handsome and his acting skills were good, but he was still a small fry.

“Come over here and sit with me.” Seeing that they were all in the same company and had to work together to film, Shi Xi forcefully made Lou Ruicong change his seat.

Lou Ruicong didnt quite understand, but everyone in the meeting room was looking at him.

He could only slowly stand up and sit beside Shi Xi under everyones gaze.

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair and flipped open the script.

Lou Ruicong immediately leaned over and whispered to Shi Xi, “I can cooperate with you to stir up a CP, but I wont like you.

I like a mature sister.”

He thought that his voice was low, but the meeting room was so small that almost everyone could hear him.

Shi Xi held the script and smiled, “Dont worry, I like a young and handsome sunshine younger brother.”

Lou Ruicong paused for a moment and asked Shi Xi, “So do you like Li Jinfan”

Instantly, the gossipy eyes in the meeting room fell on Shi Xi.

Everyone present was in the entertainment industry when Shi Xi had just joined the variety show.

Even if they didnt watch it, they more or less knew about it.

“Youre thinking too much.” Shi Xi gradually lost her patience.

Lou Ruicong was quiet for a moment before asking again, “So do you like Bai Cangyang Its definitely not Pei Jie.

Hes quiet and introverted.

Hes not your type.”

Shi Xi: !

The other people in the meeting room pricked up their ears to gossip.

“Just because I like this type doesnt mean I like them.” Shi Xi took a deep breath and smiled kindly.

“I dont have any thoughts of falling in love yet.”

Lou Ruicong was puzzled.

“If you dont want to fall in love, why go on [Secret Love Exchange]”

Shi Xi looked at Lou Ruicong.

Right now, she only wanted to know why Han Chuan still kept this person in Kuai Xue Entertainment.

“Because its a job.

I have to earn money.” Shi Xi took a bottle of water for Lou Ruicong and said politely, “I want to read the script.

If you have nothing else to do, just drink the water.”

“Thank you.” Lou Ruicong took the water and continued to stare at Shi Xi.

Although he did not say anything, it was obvious that he still wanted to ask something.

Shi Xi, who was reading the script, couldnt take the stare anymore.

She asked, “What else do you want to say”

Lou Ruicong raised a finger.

“One last question.”

Shi Xi said, “Speak!”

Lou Ruicong said, “Did you go on [Star Idol] because you want to watch your little brothers”

Shi Xi wanted to throw the script aside and leave.

“Of course not!” Shi Xi grabbed a corner of the script and thought of something.

“Lets discuss the script”

The screenwriter whispered, “But the director hasnt come yet.”

And they wanted to hear more gossip.

Shi Xi swept her gaze over, her eyes filled with dominance.

“Lets raise our own problems first.

When the director arrives, we can directly solve the problem.”

Lou Ruicong agreed.

“I agree with Xi Xis suggestion.”

Xi Xi

Shi Xi looked over and corrected him.

“Just call me Shi Xi.”

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