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380 [Meeting You In the Depths of Time]

Chu Yuan tilted his head to look at Wu Ni and said, “If you really want to get married, remember to invite me.”

Wu Ni clinked glasses with him.

“Ill definitely remember, but a busy person like you must definitely come!”

Compared to the scheming and plotting between girls, the friendship between boys was much purer.

Maybe it was because they didnt like the same woman.

Li Jinfan was listless all night.

He signed a 24-episode contract with this [Secret Love Exchange], and then he had to stay here to welcome new male and female guests and date different people.

It was hard to deal with just thinking about it.

Li Jinfan was depressed and wanted to drink, but even more depressing was that he couldnt drink.

After this episode was broadcast, the fans of the few of them were overjoyed.

Shi Xis fans were happy that their Baby Xi did not have to be bullied, that she did not have to live under the same roof as the nonsensical man (Wu Ni), and that she did not have to be tied up and hyped up by the other two male artistes.

Chu Yuans fans were happy that their Best Actor would not be harassed by Shi Xi.

Li Jinfans fans were happy that they did not have to see him become a licking dog again.

All the fans were happy as if it was the New Year.

After Shi Xi and Chu Yuan left, [Secret Love Exchange] added two men and two women.

The love affair was very eye-catching.

Although the popularity after [Secret Love Exchange] was not as good as the first six episodes, with the foreshadowing from the front, many people continued to chase after it.

Li Jinfan carried out his own straight-man persona.

In [Secret Love Exchange], he was like a love insulator.

Wu Ni and Xu Ziqing were on and off, and finally succeeded in holding hands.

The netizens all wished them happiness, the fans sincerely wished them happiness, and the sober people wished them good luck and not to harm others.


After Shi Xi left [Secret Love Exchange], she went straight to the next production crew.

Before the movie started, several main actors had to read the script together.

This was Kuai Xue Entertainments own investment and tailor-made for Shi Xi.

A modern online drama called [Meeting You In the Depths of Time].

It sounded very modern (stu) and sweet (pid).

After arriving on the set, Shi Xi finally met the legendary male lead, Lou Ruicong.

Lou Ruicong was a signed artist for Kuai Xue Entertainment and had never been popular.

Before he received this drama, he had not received a job for some time.

Shi Xi had searched Lou Ruicong before and knew that he was quite good-looking, but he was much more handsome in person than in his selfies.

No wonder he could become the male lead.

“Hello, Im Shi Xi.” Shi Xi smiled faintly and took the initiative to befriend him.

“Im Lou Ruicong, rui from wise, and cong from smart.” Lou Ruicong stretched out his hand.

Shi Xi thought that he was going to shake hands, so she stretched out her hand.

But just as her hand was about to shake his hand, Lou Ruicong suddenly raised his hand and slowly stroked his hair to stabilize his hairstyle.

Lou Ruicong raised his eyebrows and stared at Shi Xi.

“I know Im very handsome, but dont be infatuated with me.

I only act, and its not real.”

Shi Xi smiled and retracted her hand.

“The director seems to be waiting.

Lets go in.”

“Its just a round-up of the script.

I memorized the script a month ago.” Lou Ruicong lifted his chin slightly and said arrogantly, “You can test me with any random segment.”

Shi Xi did not want to speak anymore.

No wonder he was so handsome and did not have any jobs.

He had such a bad personality.

They were in a conference room reading the script.

When they reached the room, Shi Xi opened the door and Lou Ruicong went in alone.

Shi Xi: …Alright.

Shi Xi walked in and saw a lot of people.

The scriptwriter and a few supporting actors had already arrived, but the director was not here yet.

Everyone tacitly left the center seat empty for the director.

But Lou Ruicong walked over and sat down.

He asked, “Why is there no one here”

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