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Chapter 379: Who Wants To Eat Your Leftovers

After dinner was prepared, the four of them sat around and ate dinner together.

Originally, they were just eating calmly.

The three of them knew that Xu Ziqing was in a bad mood, so they did not start a conversation.

They just wanted to finish their dinner as soon as possible.

However, when they were halfway through their dinner, Wu Ni and Feng Yingyuan came back.

“Eh You guys are eating” Feng Yingyuan was still carrying the takeaway box in her hand.

She smiled and said, “It just so happens that I brought you sashimi and sweet prawns.

They are especially delicious!”

As she said that, Feng Yingyuan placed the takeout box on the dining table and prepared to open it.

Xu Ziqing suddenly said, “Who wants to eat your leftovers”

In an instant, the atmosphere at the dining table froze.

Shi Xi had just picked up a piece of rib and put the chopsticks into her mouth.

When she heard this, her pupils trembled.


Was it so tough!

Chu Yuan and Li Jinfan stayed out of the matter and did not interfere with the girls issues.

Feng Yingyuan paused for a moment and explained, “This wasnt something we left behind to take away.

I thought it was delicious, so I ordered a new one and specially took it away.”

Wu Ni said from the side, “Yingyuan was kind enough to give you extra food.

She originally wanted to give you supper.

Qing Qing, dont you like to eat shrimp”

Xu Ziqing sneered and said, “I dont want to eat shrimp today.”

Shi Xi did not say anything.

She wanted to ask if it was river prawns, but seeing the situation, she decided not to ask.

Shi Xi silently lowered her head and picked up the nearest shredded green pepper meat.

Wu Ni frowned and said, “Qing Qing, Yingyuan was kind enough to give you extra food.”

Xu Ziqing put down her chopsticks.

“Im full.”

Wu Ni said, “How much have you eaten”

“Im not hungry.” Xu Ziqing sat on the sofa, sulking alone.

Feng Yingyuan placed the box in the middle of the dining table and said softly, “Its really delicious.

You guys can try it.”

Wu Ni went to comfort Xu Ziqing.

“It was your fault to begin with.

Yingyuan brought you the seafood that you like to eat, and youre still throwing a tantrum.

Isnt this your fault”

Xu Ziqing threw the pillow on the floor.

“Yes, yes, yes, its all my fault! I was wrong.

Im sorry, okay”

After saying that, Xu Ziqing turned around and went upstairs.

Wu Ni chased after her.

Xu Ziqing started crying as soon as she returned to her room.

She had been wronged for an entire day, and now even Wu Ni was bullying her.

When Wu Ni saw that Xu Ziqing was crying, he immediately apologized and coaxed her nicely.

Crying was a womans most useful weapon.


Downstairs, Feng Yingyuan opened a bottle of wine.

She looked upstairs as she drank slowly.

When she drank a glass and the two people upstairs had not come down yet, she knew that the two of them were going to make up.


What was even more awkward was that two days later, it was Xu Ziqings birthday, and everyone had to pretend to be happy to celebrate her birthday.

Wu Ni waved his hand and gave Xu Ziqing a diamond necklace.

No matter how they looked at it, the two of them looked very compatible.

Shi Xi: Respect, blessings.

Shi Xi had completed six episodes and was about to officially bid farewell to this love complex.

When she left, everyone cooked a sumptuous dinner for Shi Xi and sent her off.

It was so sumptuous that Shi Xi couldnt bear to leave.

But when she thought about Chu Yuan leaving as well, Shi Xi didnt want to stay.

Chu Yuan had only signed four episodes of variety, and after getting along with everyone for a long time, he stayed for two more episodes and left with Shi Xi.

Xu Ziqing looked reluctant.

“Xi Xi, after you leave, Ill miss you.”

“Maybe when you and Wu Ni get married, you can invite Shi Xi to go.” Feng Yingyuan sipped her wine with a sneer in her eyes.

During this period, the relationship between Wu Ni and Xu Ziqing improved by leaps and bounds.

Anyone could see the spark between the two of them.

Feng Yingyuan had gradually become Wu Nis backup plan.

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