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Chapter 377: The Back Garden of the Rich

“Not the time”

Not to mention Meng Changan, even the dean and the experts were puzzled.

“Do we need to set a date to treat illnesses and save people”

Someone subconsciously blurted out.

Although it was intended as a joke, everyone basically thought so.

What did she mean bynot the time

The patient was already in such a state.

How long should they wait

Wan Shiyue sighed and said, “Elder Xu and the others might not believe me.

Theyve already invited Master Gao, the vice president of the Capital Medical Association, to treat the illness.”

The dean frowned.

“How did this happen Didnt they say…”

“Perhaps they didnt trust us from the beginning!” Wan Shiyue smiled faintly and said, “Forget it.

Since Master Gao is coming, Old Master Mus illness shouldnt be a problem.”

An expert whispered, “But didnt the young divine doctor say that she can treat it Why dont you let the young divine doctor try”

Qin Xi said sincerely, “Im young and not famous.

Its only right for them to question me.

Besides, the patient is important.

Of course they have to choose the safest way.”

“Young Divine Doctor, you are really understanding.”

“Thats right, thats right.

As expected of the role model of Chinese medicine!”

When the experts heard Qin Xis words, they praised her, making Qin Xi blush.

In less than ten minutes, footsteps came from the other end of the corridor.

Everyone looked over and saw a group of people walking over.

The old man in the lead had gray hair and was surrounded by people.

He was full of energy, especially his eagle eyes.

They quickly entered the ward.

The ward closed and the corridor fell silent again.

In the ward.

Gao Huiren nodded at the four seniors.

“Elder Xu, Elder Li, Elder Gu, Elder She!”

As for the others, they were not as qualified to receive his greeting.

“Master Gao, youre finally here.”

Elder Xu stood up and squeezed out a smile.

He shook hands with Master Gao and said, “Lets see how Elder Mu is doing! Sigh, I dont know what happened, but Elder Mu suddenly fell ill.

These experts cant figure out what happened and can only ask the medical association for help!”

Gao Huiren was very serious.

“Elder Xu, what are you talking about This is my duty, not to mention that its to treat Elder Mu.”

Elder Gu nodded and said seriously, “Master Gao is right.

Then please take a look at Elder Mus condition.

If you have anything, feel free to tell me.

Ill get someone to arrange it.”

Gao Huiren nodded.

He walked over and began to check the patients condition.

His three assistants were also assisting him in an orderly manner.

Just like that, after about 20 minutes, Gao Huiren looked at the four seniors with a solemn expression and shook his head with a sigh.

“When Elder Mu was young, the old injuries and shrapnel stuck in his heart were almost all fatal.

Moreover, there are a few unknown poisons in his body that have long corroded his organs.

This time, the poison quickly spread.

Sigh… Elder Xu, Im afraid there is nothing I can do.”

Actually, he had already regarded Elder Mu as a dead person in his heart.

Unless a divine doctor descended, it would be impossible to save him.

Elder Xu and the others were shocked.

“Then… When will Elder Mu wake up”

“He might never be able to wake up again!”

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