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It had to be said that Tao Yuxuan was a qualified supporting actress.

She was directly asked to fight for the two most important things with the female lead.

Sheng Yan was the male lead.

How could she fight for him

Moreover, if she really accepted the shares, she would probably end up throwing herself into the river and feeding the fish.

Forget it.

She would rather take 200,000 yuan of pocket money every month and film in the entertainment industry.

At least she would be safe.

Shi Xi did not want to take any more risks.

“Shouldnt they at least give you 5% of the shares” Tao Yuxuan was still calculating.

Shi XI: “My parents wanted to give me their shares, but I rejected them.”

Tao Yuxuan widened her eyes and looked at Shi Xi as if she was looking at a fool.

Shi Xi: “…”

Break up with her right now!

“Are you stupid Why dont you want it!” Tao Yuxuan wished that she could help Shi Xi sign her name.

“Dont tell me you still want to give Sheng Yan away!”

Shi Xi: “Uncle Sheng is bald.”

Tao Yuxuan was stunned for a moment.


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Shi Xi said bluntly, “Im afraid that Sheng Yan will be bald in the future.

I dont like it.”


It was the sofa for tonight.


“I didnt expect Sheng Yan to be bald in the future, even though he looks like that.” Tao Yuxuan Imagined Sheng Yan being bald, she bit her hand and muttered to herself, “Baldness is inherited.

If your son is bald, I dont want to marry my daughter to your son.”

Shi Xi:Youre thinking too much.

Why dont you think about how long you can live

“I wont get engaged to Sheng Yan.

As for the shares of the Shi Family… What should belong to me, no one can snatch them away.

If they arent mine, I wont take them either.” Shi Xi sat up with a smile on her face.

Shi Xi was not a saint.

As long as she could guarantee her own safety, she would accept the help of the Shi Family.

“Its good that youre aware of that.

In any case, we cant let that person take advantage of us.” Tao Yuxuan could not stand Ning Yu.

“She always acts like a street thug.

She really doesnt have the bearing of a noble lady!”

“Do you” Shi Xi could not help but ask.

Tao Yuxuan: “…No.”


It was the atmosphere of the night.

“Lets go downstairs.

The banquet is almost over.” Tao Yuxuan looked at the time and asked, “Oh right, Im planning to travel abroad.

What about you”

Shi Xi said weakly, “Have you forgotten Im still on set!”

Tao Yuxuan said, “Haha, I almost forgot.

Youre going to be a big star, so I wont bother you anymore.

Wait for me to bring you back a gift.”

Shi Xi said sincerely, “Spending more time overseas is the best gift you can give me.”

As long as Tao Yuxuan did not seek death, she believed that she would not offend Ning Yu.

With such a good friend instigating her, who would have a healthy mind

Just as Shi Xi was about to leave the room, she felt a sudden pain in her head.

She held onto the door to stabilize her body.

Tao Yuxuan turned around to look at her.

“Whats wrong”

The pain in her head surged like a tidal wave and disappeared in an instant.

Shi Xi took a deep breath.

“Its nothing.

Its probably because Ive been too tired recently.”

Tao Yuxuan mumbled, “Rest well.

The Shi Family is so rich.

Its not bad to support you.

Why go to the entertainment industry to suffer”

Shi Xi smiled and did not say anything.

No matter how rich the Shi Family was, it was not hers.

She was already luckier than many people to be able to use the Shi Familys influence to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry.

The two of them came down from upstairs and realized that the atmosphere was not right.

A servant of the Shi Family was surrounded in the middle and said aggrievedly, “When I entered Miss Nings room to clean, I saw this torn dress.”

“It was a custom-made dress for Miss Ning.

I didnt expect Miss Ning to be so ungrateful.”


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