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Chapter 376: Was Still Missing

How uncomfortable the fans felt when Shi Xi was scolded was how comfortable they were now.

Was it just lip service

If you felt good, did the person you hurt deserve it

When harassing others, they felt that they were insignificant.

They stood on the moral high ground and pointed at womens clothes.

Little did they know that this was the biggest harassment.

Now that they were punished, they started crying for forgiveness

What the fans were most worried about now was Shi Xis softness.

After all, Shi Xi looked soft and easy to bully, and she was very much like a Madonna.

After waiting for a long time, Kuai Xue Entertainments legal department issued an announcement.

@Kuai Xue Entertainments Legal Department: [The internet is not an illegal place.

We have already warned you beforehand that we will definitely pursue this matter to the end!]

[Everyone must be responsible for their own actions.

I hope that after this matter, everyone can become a better person.]

All sorts of announcements were made, which meant that the punishment would be carried out.

The wretched chickens accounts were permanently banned.

Those who should be fined would be fined, and those who should be detained would be detained.

If there was any effect, it would be that after this incident, the wretched chickens on Weibo had become much more cautious before they made their comments.

They no longer dared to casually post those vulgar comments.

Shi Xis fans were cheering and jumping for joy.

One after another, they started to repost and draw the lottery.

It was difficult to defend rights, especially when it was related to celebrities.

Many people felt that as a public figure, they should be scolded and criticized.


Shi Xi looked at the clean and tidy mess on her Weibo and smiled in satisfaction.

This was how it should be!

Zhu Lin tidied up Shi Xis things and said, “Im sorry.

It was my mistake this time that caused such a huge incident.”

In this incident, Zhu Lin was the one who blamed herself the most.

If she had not fainted from shock and insisted on checking Shi Xis Weibo, this series of events might not have happened.

“Its not your fault.

I insisted on posting it.” Shi Xi swiped her phone and said regretfully, “Its a pity that the other photos are gone.”

Zhu Lin thought to herself that it was a good thing that they were gone.

Otherwise, she would have lost her job.

Listening to Shi Xis description, those photos seemed to be even more daring and exposing.

“Oh right, there are still a few days of vacation before you enter the group this time.

Are you going to school or going home” Zhu Lin asked.

“Brother Han said that he wont give you any work for the time being and will let you rest for a few days.”

“Then its better to go home.” Shi Xi raised her head and thought for a moment before saying, “If you didnt remind me, I would have forgotten that Im still a student.”

Zhu Lin flipped through Shi Xis books and said, “These are your textbooks.

You should read them when you have time.

Theres still a final exam.”

Shi Xi lay on the sofa, barely breathing.

Why did she have to study

Why did she have to take the exam

She was already so rich, what was there to study for!

With this thought in her mind, Shi Xi accepted her fate and picked up the book and pen.

She flipped to the first page and began to write.

Zhu Lin tidied up her things and realized that Shi Xi had already seen the last chapter of the textbook.

“Dont read it backward.

You only learn the first half of the book this semester,” Zhu Lin reminded her.

“The second half is for the next semester.”

After Shi Xi finished reading the last page, she raised her eyes and asked in puzzlement, “How do you know so much”

Zhu Lin smiled.

“I joined your class group.”

Shi Xi put the textbook aside and asked, “Are there any other textbooks”

“Theyre all on the bookshelves.” Zhu Lin added, “Haicheng University has online courses.

You can take these courses online.”

Shi Xi casually picked up a book and said perfunctorily, “I know.”

She wouldnt take online courses.

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