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Chapter 375: Began To Cry

Unexpectedly, in order not to let him help Jiang Xin, his family even froze the money in his account without a word.

“Xinxin, I…” Kang Xu didnt know how to face Jiang Xin.

He had promised to help Jiang Xin just now, but now that he realized that he couldnt do anything, his heart was filled with guilt.

“Im sorry, I…”

“You dont have to apologize to me.

I didnt expect anything from you anyway.” Jiang Xins expression was cold, indifferent to Kang Xus guilt.

Facing Jiang Xins coldness, Kang Xus heart felt as if it was pierced by countless needles.

It hurt, but even so, he still wanted to do his best to help Jiang Xin.

“Xinxin, believe me.

Ill definitely do my best to help you.” Kang Xu quickly walked in front of Jiang Xin and raised his hands before letting them fall.

He knew that Jiang Xin must be very sad now.

He wanted to hug Jiang Xin, but seeing Jiang Xins attitude, even if they were husband and wife, he actually didnt dare to.

Kang Xu had never been so cowardly.


You cant help me.

Dont waste your effort.” Jiang Xin naturally didnt believe Kang Xus words.

She turned around with her back facing him and asked him to leave.

The Kang family was actually developing well in the business circle.

If the Kang family was willing to help the Jiang Corporation, it would not be difficult for the Jiang Corporation to be out of danger.

But this time, because of Jiang Xins mistake, the Kang family refused to help and let her fend for herself.

Kang Xus gaze lingered on Jiang Xins back for more than a few minutes.

In the end, as if he had made up his mind, he turned around and left Jiang Xins office.

Without anything, how could he help

When Kang Xu left the Jiang Corporation, the first thing he thought of was to return to the Kang family to beg his grandmother.

However, he had just been chased out a few hours ago and he was too ashamed to go back.

So he decided to look for his friends one by one.

If he couldnt get through to them on the phone, he would go to their houses.

When Xia Jing called, Su Wan was about to sleep.

Su Ye and Zhang Qing brought Jing Yu and Jing Hao home.

As soon as she got home, she told Qin Lan about this, so she didnt worry about the two brothers and was much more relaxed.

As soon as the call connected, Xia Jings angry voice came from the other end.

“Su Wan! Arent you going to explain todays press conference Its only been four years since we last met.

How did you become the CEO of the Su Corporation Thats the Su Corporation! The Su Corporation that moved back from the country more than ten years ago!”

Faced with Xia Jings loud voice, Su Wan moved her phone away slightly.

After Xia Jing finished speaking, she put the phone close to her ear and said awkwardly, “Xiaxia, its a long story.

Ill tell you in detail later, okay”

After Su Wan returned to the country, she always told the people around her that she had found her biological parents, but she didnt tell them who her biological parents were or what they did.

It was always good to keep a low profile.

However, if this matter would make Xia Jing so angry, she suddenly regretted not telling Xia Jing this news.

It was not that she did not believe Xia Jing, but the fewer people who knew, the better.

Unexpectedly, Xia Jing did not fall for Su Wans tricks.

She insisted on forcing Su Wan to tell the truth and rejected her sternly.

“No! You actually want to hide this from me.

Am I still your best friend”

Unexpectedly, after working at the dessert shop for a day, she went home to browse Weibo.

It was about to explode.

It was all posts about the Su Corporations press conference.

The top trending search was about the Jiang Corporations Jiang Xin.

At that time, she did not understand.

It was only after watching the video of the Su Corporations press conference that she came to a realization.

But she was also very angry.

She actually didnt tell her about such a big thing!

So after watching the news, she didnt have time to think and immediately called Su Wan to “interrogate” her.

“Yes, you always have been.” Su Wan said nicely, “Then lets be concise.

When I found my parents, they were the CEOs of the Su Corporation, and I naturally became the heir.”

Su Wan said it casually, as if it was not a big deal.

Her words were indeed simple because she believed that Xia Jing could guess the rest.


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