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Chapter 374: Shi Xis Clothes Are Revealing, So I Can Harass Her

Shi Xi stubbornly said, “I wont delete them! I didnt do anything wrong.

Theres nothing revealing about these photos, and theres no hint from me.

Its their own dirty thoughts.”

“Those pieces of trash arent worth your anger.” Han Chuan paused and said, “The best way to deal with them now is to protect your own reputation from being harmed.”

“I posted such photos, so my reputation is bad” Shi Xi asked back.

Han Chuan replied, “Youve always been a pure and innocent girl.

This group of photos is indeed a little mature.”

“People will always mature.

I wont be 18 forever,” Shi Xi said calmly.

“Brother Han, I like this group of photos very much.

I wont delete it on Weibo.”

Han Chuan sighed helplessly.

“There are a lot of bad comments on your Weibo.”

Shi Xi: “I know.

There is also a lot of spam in private messages.

Im recording the screen now.”

“Why go through so much trouble” Han Chuan said, “As long as you delete the Weibo, all the problems will be solved.

You dont have to be harassed and insulted.

The company doesnt have to publish any more public relations.

If the big issues are turned into small issues, this matter will be over.”

“Over How can it be so easy” Shi Xi asked, “Does the companys legal department only eat and not work Verbal harassment is also illegal! Do you need me to teach them how to fight a lawsuit”

Han Chuan had never expected that Shi Xis heart was constantly thinking about the law.

There was a moment of silence.

Shi Xi was the first to speak.

“I know you think that Im making a big deal out of nothing.

You think that Im a glass-hearted person who cant stand bad comments.”

“But these arent malicious comments directed at me, nor are they slandering and insulting me.”

“Theyre just looking for areason to harass and insult Shi Xi.”

“These people think:Shi Xis clothes are revealing, so I can harass her.\'”

“I dont agree, and I wont allow this to happen.”

After Shi Xi finished speaking, she quietly waited for Han Chuans reply.

Although it was her own Weibo account, Han Chuan had a password, so he could modify and delete her Weibo posts at any time.

After a while, Han Chuan sighed deeply and said, “I understand.

Ill get the legal department to handle this matter.”

Shi Xi smiled faintly and said, “You can log into my account and take a look at my private messages.

The contents inside are even more unbearable.”

Han Chuan did not want to talk anymore.

After hanging up the phone, Xie Yunzhou asked, “Do you need help”

“The legal department of the company will handle it.

There should be no problem.” Shi Xi said angrily, “It was clearly taken so beautifully, how could it be said to be so unbearable! Its really too much!”

“Its their thinking that is conservative and old-fashioned.

Dont lower yourself to their level,” Xie Yunzhou comforted her.

Shi Xi drank her soy milk and thought of something.

She asked Xie Yunzhou, “Do you also think that the photos I took were very revealing”

She did not forget Xie Yunzhous attitude when he knew that she was going to use this group of photos to post on Weibo.

He clearly did not agree.

Xie Yunzhou was silent for a moment.

Shi Xi lowered her head and said in a depressed and disappointed tone, “Alright, I got it.

I did wear a little too little.”

Hearing Shi Xis tone, Xie Yunzhou panicked for a moment and said, “Its not like that.”

Shi Xi looked up.


Xie Yunzhou said seriously, “I treat everyone with respect, no matter what kind of clothes they wear.”

“As long as they are neatly dressed and dont affect others, they can wear whatever they want.”

“I dont want you to post on Weibo because I dont want others to see such a beautiful side of you.”

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