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Chapter 372: Was So Rough

Shi Xi was instantly unhappy.

She said, “Then Ill book another studio.”

Xie Yunzhou paused.

Shi Xi said, “Dont worry.

Ill definitely book a good studio this time!”

Xie Yunzhou sighed slightly and said, “There are still a few photos on my computer that havent been deleted.

You can see if they can be used later.”

Shi Xis eyes lit up.


Xie Yunzhou nodded.

He left behind some photos that werent as revealing.

“Then hurry up and eat!” Shi Xi instantly became happy and picked up the noodles.

“Ill help you eat it.”

Xie Yunzhou: you want to eat it, right!

Forget it.

After eating, Xie Yunzhou turned on his computer and brought up the remaining photos.

“Theyre very nice!” Shi Xi pushed her luck and said, “Do you know how to photoshop Can you make my face smaller”

Xie Yunzhou: …He really knew how to do it.

Opening the software, Xie Yunzhou conveniently made the face in the picture smaller.

When he learned how to make pictures, he had never thought that he would use this skill to help people photoshop pictures.

Shi Xi continued, “Make my arm thinner.

Its not nice to look at it if its too thin.

Make it thicker.”

Xie Yunzhou wanted to give up, but the girl was very close to him.

She pressed her soft body against his shoulder and pointed at the computer screen, saying, “Its about this thick.”

Who could refuse!

Xie Yunzhous mind was half clear as he obediently photoshopped for Shi Xi.

Although a large number of photos were gone, the remaining ones were extremely beautiful.

Xie Yunzhou even photoshopped for free, so Shi Xi no longer cared about the fact that all the other photos had been deleted.

“Thank you.” Shi Xi looked at the finished product and teased, “If you dont become a CEO, youll definitely earn a lot of money by doing photoshop for others.”

Xie Yunzhou was speechless.

“Ah, I should go back and rest.

Good night!” Shi Xi looked at the time and bid farewell to Xie Yunzhou, who had been doing photoshop for a long time.

Xie Yunzhou leaned back in his chair and remembered something that he had forgotten.

He had forgotten to give the flowers he had ordered to Shi Xi.

Should he give them to her now

Xie Yunzhou got up, picked up the flowers, and chased after her.

He saw Shi Xi standing at the door of her room, trying to use her bank card to open the door.

When she turned around and saw Xie Yunzhou, Shi Xi said awkwardly, “I forgot to bring my room card out.”

Xie Yunzhou said, “Go into my room first.

Ill call the front desk to handle it.”

Shi Xi said gratefully, “Thank you!”

Xie Yunzhou was such a great person!!

Shi Xi sat on the sofa.

While waiting for the front desk to get a room, she fell into a deep sleep.

‘Ill just take a nap for a while.

With that thought in mind, Shi Xi woke up the next morning.

She sat up on the bed and took out her phone to check the time.

She was thinking about taking a nap.

How did eight hours pass in the blink of an eye

Shi Xi saw a big bouquet of pink roses at the head of the bed and was a little dazed.

Xie Yunzhou seemed to have sent her back last night

She was really drowsy.

It must be Xie Yunzhou!

Shi Xi scrolled through her WeChat and sent Xie Yunzhou a thank you message.

Xie Yunzhou: [Come over for breakfast.]

Shi Xi thought that she couldnt trouble Xie Yunzhou anymore.

She almost couldnt repay him.

As soon as she sent the rejection message, the other party sent her a steaming hot breakfast photo.

Shi Xi immediately deleted the message in the message board and replied, [Coming!!]

She quickly got up, washed up, and went to grab some breakfast.

Since she had already troubled him so many times, this time wasnt a bad thing.

Yesterday, she had even brought snacks for Xie Yunzhou!

With this thought in mind, Shi Xi instantly felt much more at ease in her heart.

Being friends with villains was also beneficial to ones physical and mental health.

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