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Chapter 371: No More Photos.

No More Happiness.

No More

Cheng Yue took a glance and said, “Ive asked.

That old woman has a deaf ear.

She cant hear anything clearly.”

Shi Xi said, “You cant look at people through colored glasses.

Can you break the law just because you have a deaf ear”

Cheng Yue:

Xie Yunzhou said, “Shi Xi is right.”

Cheng Yue ignored the two of them and shrugged.

“Ill go and ask.”

Cheng Yue walked forward and started asking as usual.

Then, she took the old granny away.

Shi Xi only found out later that the old granny was indeed deaf and had no criminal history.

However, she was a professional spy on this street.

When she saw a stranger coming over, she sent a message to the person inside.

After arriving at the police station, the old granny confessed many useful clues and helped solve several cases.


After returning to the hotel, Shi Xi took a shower and picked up her phone.

She found that her phone had been destroyed and could no longer be used.

She could only buy a new one.

How to buy it

Shi Xi, who was about to buy it online, paused.

She couldnt pay with her phone anymore.

Zhu Lin was so shocked that she had already gone back to sleep.

Shi Xi resigned herself to fate and changed into a new set of clothes.

She was going to buy a new phone.

She also bought some clothes to calm herself down.

Shi Xi took her card and happily went out.

After buying a new mobile phone, Shi Xi bought a backup phone to prevent the next time the phone was damaged.

After that, Shi Xi went shopping alone to buy clothes and eat snacks.

While they were eating dinner, Shi Xi received a call from Xie Yunzhou.

Xie Yunzhou: “Where are you”

Shi Xi: “Im eating outside.”

Xie Yunzhou, who was hugging the flowers and preparing to invite Shi Xi for dinner: …This was ridiculous.

“Ill go look for you.” Xie Yunzhou took a step back.

“Thats not very good, right” Shi Xi looked at her dinner and whispered, “Im almost done eating the hot and spicy noodles.”

Xie Yunzhou: !

What surprise!

He should have arranged a time and place in advance!

When Shi Xi heard that there was no answer from the other side, she asked, “Do you want to eat it Ill bring you a bowl back”

Although she asked this question, Shi Xi felt that Xie Yunzhou definitely would not eat something like hot and spicy noodles.

He was a domineering boss —

“Alright, bring me a bowl back,” Xie Yunzhou replied.

Shi Xi was stunned for a moment.

“Then Ill bring you something else to eat along the way.”

Xie Yunzhou: “Sure.”

Shi Xi continued to wander around the snack street.

She bought a lot of snacks and brought them back.

Xie Yunzhou stayed in the same hotel as her, and it was in the room next to hers.

After bringing a bunch of snacks into the room, Shi Xi said, “I know you cant eat spicy food, so I didnt order spicy food.

Wash your hands and get ready to eat.”

Xie Yunzhou put down the documents and looked at the mess of snacks on the table.

He asked, “This is what youre eating for dinner”

Shi Xi corrected him, “These are what you want to eat.”

Xie Yunzhou was a little regretful that he had asked Shi Xi to bring a bowl back for him.

But since she had already brought it back, he could only sit down and accept his dinner.

Shi Xi asked, “By the way, can you send those photos of me to my phone”

Xie Yunzhou said, “I dont have them anymore.”

Shi Xi said, “Oh”

Xie Yunzhou said plainly, “The computer just killed the virus and deleted all those photos of you.”

Shi Xi was shocked.

“How could this be!”

Xie Yunzhou opened the box of hot and spicy noodles and said, “I dont know.”

Since things had come to this point, Shi Xi asked, “Then Ill get Officer Cheng to make another copy.”

“Once the evidence is in the police station, it cant be taken out.” Xie Yunzhou started to make things up.

Anyway, all the photos of Shi Xi on that camera had been deleted by him.

Shi Xi: !!

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