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Chapter 368: Heroism

The smile on the fat photographers face froze.

The bald man said angrily, “F*ck, cant you grow a brain”

“If you have a brain, why didnt you stop me just now” The fat photographers eyes were fierce.

“What if she gets her phone and calls the police!”

The bald man said, “Thats true.”

Shi Xi silently buttoned up her shirt.

“I know youre a big star,” the fat cameraman said with a lewd smile.

“If you cooperate with us obediently and take a good video, you can still continue to be your big star if you pay us on time in the future.”

Shi Xi said, “What if I dont cooperate”

The fat cameraman said, “Then Ill let your bed photos spread all over the internet.”

Shi Xi could not help but say, “Arent you guys afraid of being caught Youll be sentenced to at least three years for extortion.”

The bald man asked with interest, “How long will s*xual assault be sentenced to”

Shi Xi explained, “At least three years.

If the circumstances are serious, ten years.”

“If you explain it to us, its like casting pearls before swine.

Were not afraid.”

Just as the two of them were about to make their move, there was a commotion outside and the sound of gunshots could be heard.

“F*ck, there are cops!”

“F*ck, did she call the police!”

“Run quickly, dont bother about it!”

The two of them had already taken off their pants.

At this moment, they did not care about anything else.

They only wanted to escape from the window.

Shi Xi came out of the water and held up the camera frame in front of the two of them.

She smiled and said, “Its too dangerous outside.

You guys should stay here.”


In the car.

Xiao Tian was playing her game when she suddenly heard the sound of gunfire.

She thought that she was hearing things.

However, when she saw a bunch of people fighting and capturing others, with handcuffs and pistols dancing wildly in the air, Xiao Tian came back to her senses.

Something happened!

She said that this place was not peaceful!

Xiao Tian wanted to get out of the car to look for Shi Xi, but there were gunshots on the street.

She lay down and did not dare to open the car door, afraid that she would be implicated.

Zhu Lin finally bought coffee.

On the way back, she heard gunshots.

“Is someone married Why are they setting off firecrackers” As a young assistant who grew up in a peaceful era, Zhu Lin didnt recognize the sound of gunshots at all.

She only felt that there was something wrong with the sound of firecrackers.

“Maybe the firecrackers are damp.” Zhu Lin continued to walk forward.

Then, Zhu Lin bumped into a man with a gun who stumbled and ran to her side.

The man could no longer run.

When he saw Zhu Lin, he directly took her hostage.

“Dont come over! If you come any closer, Ill shoot you! Even if I die, Ill drag you down with me!” The man had no choice but to go crazy.

Zhu Lins legs instantly went soft.

In an instant, the man and Zhu Lin were surrounded by plainclothes policemen.

“Calm down.

This girl is innocent.

If you want to leave, we can let you go,” the plainclothes leading the group shouted.

The man hid behind Zhu Lin and retreated step by step.

“Get lost! Prepare a car for me now! Hurry up!”

Zhu Lin felt that under such circumstances, she should have died heroically.

But she only cried and shouted, “Sob, sob, sob, sob, give him the car! I dont want to die!”

She hadnt spent her money yet!

“Dont worry, you wont die.”

Just as Zhu Lin was in despair, a sweet and clear voice came from above.

Everyone looked up.

The moment the man who had kidnapped Zhu Lin looked up, he was knocked unconscious by a black shadow.

Shi Xi looked down from the window on the second floor and said regretfully, “What a pity, the coffee fell to the ground.”

It was a pity that no one below was listening to Shi Xi.

They all rushed forward and pressed the man to the ground.

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