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Chapter 367: Robbery Or S*xual Assault

However, these two photographers didnt do anything to the young ladies before her.

They didnt even harass them.

She was more at ease.

Shi Xi was only wearing a simple white shirt with a black sling underneath.

She looked pure and lustful.

The bald man instructed as he shot, “Wet the hair next to your forehead.

Lower your head and tie your hair up with your hands.

Dont move.”

“Yes, thats right.

Look up at the camera.

Now look to the right and pretend that theres something you like there.”

Shi Xi was very cooperative.

After taking a group of photos, the bald man showed Shi Xi a few photos and asked if she was satisfied.

Shi Xi looked at the photos and said in surprise, “You must have learned the composition of light and shadow from the system, right The photos are so artistic.”

The bald man was embarrassed by the praise and said, “A little.”

“You must have shot a lot of big movies or videos.” Shi Xis eyes curved and said, “Take some underwater ones too, right”

After taking one or two sets of photos, Shi Xis vigilance was relaxed.

Even the bald mans suggestion of unbuttoning a few more buttons was accepted.

In any case, it was for the sake of the overall effect.

Her wet long hair spread out.

The girl was floating in the water.

Her collar was wide open, revealing her clear collarbone.

Under her long, narrow eyelashes, her large, misty eyes were half-closed, like a lost deer.

Who wouldnt like a girl like this!

The two cameramen kept taking pictures, and their gazes changed.

The fat cameraman asked, “Youre Shi Xi, right That rather famous little celebrity”

Shi Xi said, “Yeah.”

Other than her, who else in the entertainment industry was so beautiful

“A celebrity.

She must be very rich, right” the bald man muttered to himself.


Xiao Tian was lying in the car playing games to pass the time.

She did not see Zhu Lin come out.

Zhu Lin, who had gone out to buy coffee, walked around for a long time before she found a coffee shop.

While she was buying coffee, Zhu Lin received a message from Xie Yunzhous assistant.

Xie Yunzhou had come to Yanjing.

He wanted to ask Zhu Lin where Shi Xi was so that he could give Shi Xi a surprise.

Zhu Lin sent the location to him.

“Well go back to the hotel after taking the photo.

However, Xi Xi still needs to take a shower.

Well give her a surprise later.”

The other party sent a smile and a thank you.

Zhu Lin replied with a smile.

What a pleasant chat.

After getting Shi Xis address, his assistant forwarded it to Xie Yunzhou and suggested that they prepare roses and a candlelit dinner at the hotel where Shi Xi was staying.

Xie Yunzhou glanced at the address and found it somewhat familiar.

“What is this place”

“Its the hotel where Miss Shi is staying.” The assistant thought,What else could it be

“Im asking about the location you sent.

What are they doing there” Xie Yunzhous eyes were cold.

The assistant said, “Zhu Lin said that Miss Shi is taking photos there.”

Xie Yunzhou took a deep breath.

“Thats the famous black zone.”

The assistant: !

Xie Yunzhou made a prompt decision.

“Call the police.

Were going over now.”

The assistant thought that he didnt really want to go over.

It sounded very dangerous.

Also, why did President Xie know that it was dangerous there!

The assistant was a little tempted to resign.

On the way, Xie Yunzhou kept calling Shi Xi to send messages.

However, Shi Xis phone was turned on silent, and she kept floating in the water.


In the underwater studio.

The atmosphere was indeed a little tense.

Shi Xi asked in disbelief, “Are you guys trying to rob me of my money, or are you trying s*xual assault”

“Why cant we rob both of them” The fat photographer turned off Shi Xis phone and smiled innocently.

Shi Xi looked at his actions and paused for a moment before saying, “…Youre right, but all my money is in my phone.”

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