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Chapter 366: Might Be Able To Preserve Ones Youth Forever

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The kind and chubby photographer said to Zhu Lin, “Is it Miss Zhu Can you wait half an hour for the underwater shoot Well shoot the two young ladies first.”

Zhu Lin said, “Sure, hurry up.”

Shi Xi asked, “Can we watch from the side”

The chubby photographer said, “You can, but you cant take pictures.”

Shi Xi nodded.

After the discussion, they entered the underwater studio.

When she saw the glass tank, Shi Xis expression was complicated.

It wasnt as big as her fish tank.

Forget it, as long as it looked good.

Shi Xi gave up complaining.

Fortunately, the water in the tank was crystal clear, which made Shi Xi feel much more at ease.

She didnt want to take photos in dirty water.

Zhu Lin said softly, “This tank looks quite professional.”

Shi Xi said, “Ill bring you to see my tank next time.”

Zhu Lin: …


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