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Chapter 363: The Cup Was Made For Nothing, And the Scarf Was Woven For Nothing

[Xu Ziqing is so easily satisfied with just a bouquet of flowers.

No wonder there are so many men of little faith nowadays.

They are all pampered by female bodhisattvas like Xu Ziqing.]

[They are not lovers either.

Wu Ni did not confess when he sent the flowers.

Its just an ambiguous relationship.

I have to say, this Wu Ni is in the atmosphere, and he directly played the two female guests in his hands.]

[At that time, Wu Ni even wrote a letter to Shi Xi.

It seems that Wu Ni wants to eat three of them at once.

Tsk tsk, its a pity that only Chu Yuan is in Xi Xis eyes.]

[If you meet a man like Wu Ni in real life, run, quickly run!]

In an instant, those netizens who were scolding Xu Ziqing turned their heads to scold Wu Ni.

[Green tea girl and b*stard.

Just lock them up.

Dont harm others.]


They like each other anyway.

Respect and blessings.]


After the activities by the seaside ended, everyone returned to the villa and prepared to write todays letters.

Another day of exchanging letters.

By the seaside, Wu Ni and Xu Ziqing were locked up, so todays letters were written to each other.

No one else came to disturb the couple.

Li Jinfan still wrote to Shi Xi, Shi Xi still wrote to Chu Yuan, and Chu Yuan still wrote to Feng Yingyuan.

Feng Yingyuan thought for a long time, but in the end, she still wrote to Wu Ni.

Li Jinfan was once again reduced to a pitiful person who had not received a letter.

The bullet screen was filled with cheers and laughter.

[Hahaha, Li Jinfan is too pitiful.

Its been two days, but he still hasnt received a letter.]

[Li Jinfan: thats ridiculous.]

[Xiao Li, dont cry.

Mommy is writing you a letter.


Li Jinfan, a low-level worker.

A new day.

The program teams director said, “This morning, the female guests will make breakfast for the male guests.

The male guest will choose the breakfast he likes and go on a date with the female guest who made the breakfast.”

Shi Xi was surprised.

“Arent we going to make a present ourselves”

The program teams director said, “Yes, you make the breakfast yourself.”

Shi Xi said, “…Okay.”

The cup was made for nothing.

The scarf was made for nothing.

Xu Ziqing was very familiar with making breakfast.

She immediately lit the fire and started making a heartwarming breakfast.

She fried an egg, fried a ham sausage, and used bread to hold it.

She then squeezed jam into it and added lettuce.

A simple sandwich was ready.

Xu Ziqing was still on the top of the sandwich, drawing a sun with jam.

She poured the soy milk into the cup.

A loving breakfast was enough.

Feng Yingyuan started the fire and cooked a wonton.

Shi Xi asked, “Sister Feng, do you know how to cook”

Feng Yingyuan smiled and said, “I know how to cook something simple.”

Shi Xi thought about what she knew how to cook.

She knew how to cook instant noodles.

Shi Xi originally wanted to cook a wonton as well.

After all, there was a ready-made quick-frozen wonton in the fridge, but she was afraid that Feng Yingyuan would say that she copied her idea.

Forget it.

She would cook instant noodles.

Whoever chose it would be the lucky one.

Considering that it was morning, Shi Xi specially chose a bag of spare ribs instant noodles.

She only put half of the oil bag and the ingredients in so that the noodles would not be so greasy.

She cracked an egg and cut a ham sausage.

A perfect breakfast was that simple!

Next, it was the male guests turn to choose their breakfast and date.

However, at this moment, the third episode came to an abrupt end.

After the broadcast of this episode, the netizens revolved around Wu Ni, Xu Ziqing, and Feng Yingyuan.

They interpreted the love triangle countless times and expressed their deep admiration for them.

On the other hand, Shi Xi, Chu Yuan, and Li Jinfan, because they were celebrities, were somewhat unable to open their hands and feet in the love triangle.

The netizens speculated again about who would be dating who, and who would be able to date Shi Xi, who had instant noodles for breakfast.

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