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Chapter 362: Respect, Blessing

When the audience heard the girls voice, they changed their opinion of Shi Xi.

[I didnt expect Shi Xi to be so good at singing.

I always thought that she was just a vase.]

[I didnt know that Shi Xi sang so well.

I underestimated her in the past.]

[She is the popularity teacher of [Star Idol].

She can sing and dance well! Everyone can take a look at Xi Xi Zis stage! She is absolutely outstanding!]

[I thought Shi Xi was just beautiful, but I didnt expect her singing to be so sweet.

AWSL, I love Baby Xi even more!]

Ever since the end of [Star Idol], Shi Xi had never been on stage again.

She had always been performing variety shows.

After singing a song at this time, many of the audiences impressions of her had changed.

So she wasnt just a vase.

She was a music box.

Cough, cough.

After Shi Xi finished singing, Li Jinfan introduced himself and sang a passionate love song.

His voice was originally pleasant to listen to, and he had learned music before.

His emotions and skills blended together, causing everyone to be intoxicated listening to him.

Shi Xi sat below and waved the glow stick, pretending to be a little fangirl.

The others also went up to sing.

There was no sharp dialogue, and the atmosphere was much better.

In the end, Wu Ni held a bouquet of flowers and said, “Today, I want to say something from my heart to a girl.”

The atmosphere was pushed to the highest point.

[Are you going to confess Who is Brother Wu going to confess to]

[It cant be Shi Xi, right Ahhh, please dont!]

Wu Ni held a big bouquet of flowers and said affectionately, “I want to say to this girl, fate has brought us together.

You are a gift from heaven.”

The galaxy was vast and the sky was heavy.

The waves reflected the light.

The camera swept over Shi Xi, Feng Yingyuan, and Xu Ziqings faces to observe their expressions.

Wu Ni walked in front of Xu Ziqing and handed her the flowers.

“I know that many things today have made you unhappy, but I want to say that you are a very, very good girl.

I hope that you can be happy and carefree every day.”

Xu Ziqing did not expect that after being angry for an entire day, she would actually receive Wu Nis confession.

She was instantly surprised and happy.

“You… You want to give it to me” Xu Ziqing covered her mouth in disbelief.

She was so touched that she was about to cry.

“Yes.” Wu Ni looked at Xu Ziqing with deep affection and handed her the flowers.

“Do you like it”

Xu Ziqing took the flowers and nodded.

“I like it.”

Wu Ni stretched out his hand.

Xu Ziqing hugged him without hesitation.

“Thank you.”

After being sullen for the entire day, Xu Ziqing cried when she suddenly received a confession and flowers.

Wu Ni patted her head.

“Dont cry, dont cry.

It wont look good if you cry.”

Xu Ziqing wiped away her tears and said coquettishly, “Whos crying The sand blew into my eyes.”

Wu Ni did not expose her lie.

“Lets sing a song together.”

Xu Ziqing nodded shyly.

The two of them sangA Little Love Song together and looked at each other lovingly.

Shi Xi watched from the side and was dumbfounded the entire time.

Was this… was this the love of an adult

Just a moment ago, Wu Ni was still flirting with Sister Wine, but now he was confessing to Xu Ziqing

Shi Xi: I dont understand, but Im greatly shocked.

Looking around, Li Jinfan didnt care about other peoples love at all.

Sister Wine had a faint smile, as if she already knew everything.

Chu Yuan had a smile on his face, but he was still polite, gentle, and distant.

Shi Xi tried her best to appear more experienced.

Respect, blessings.

The bullet comments were also extremely puzzled by these two people, wondering why they suddenly started singingA Little Love Song

[Isnt Xu Ziqing too weak Wu Ni just kissed Sister Wine, and Xu Ziqing just let it go]

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