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Chapter 361: Im Willing!

Li Jinfan rejected, “No.”

Chu Yuan was very professional.

“I can do anything.”

Shi Xi looked at Chu Yuan.

“Then shall we look at each other for ten seconds”

Li Jinfan:

Why did the direction suddenly seem off

Chu Yuan: “Sure.”

Li Jinfan wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Shi Xi.

Shi Xi said, “Youll time it.”

Li Jinfan:

He didnt want to look at Chu Yuan, but that didnt mean he didnt want to look at Shi Xi!

However, Shi Xi had already looked at Chu Yuan.

Li Jinfan immediately became a tool, timing the two of them.

Shi Xi stared into Chu Yuans eyes.

When she looked at Chu Yuan up close, he was even more envious of Chu Yuans appearance.

His skin was so good that no pores could be seen.

It could also be because he had applied foundation.

His facial features were moderate, his thin lips were slightly pink, and his nose bridge was tall.

Although he only had a single eyelid, his eyes were very big and bright.

Perhaps it was because he was wearing cosmetic contact lenses.

In any case, his eyes were very good-looking, and he looked very serious no matter what he looked at.

It was as if there was a sea of stars flowing in the depths of his eyes.

Shi Xi immediately averted her gaze.

“I surrender.”

Li Jinfan was expressionless.

“Five seconds.”

Shi Xi said in surprise, “Only five seconds That short”

“You can try it with me.

Im longer,” Li Jinfan suggested.

The topic gradually became an adult topic.

Chu Yuan coughed and interrupted, “You guys should eat some more.

Ill bring out the stereo.”

Shi Xi asked, “What stereo”

“The stereo and microphone I brought over can sing,” Chu Yuan said.

“Its a pity that we dont have any singers here,” Shi Xi said regretfully.

Li Jinfan paused for a moment and followed, “My singing is pretty good.”

Back then, when he participated in the talent show, he had relied on his vocal to become the top performer.

Shi Xi recalled Li Jinfans vocal and agreed, “Its really not bad.

Ill listen to you sing later.”

Hearing Shi Xis praise and anticipation, Li Jinfans heart was filled with joy, and his tail was about to stand up.

Xu Ziqing roasted some vegetables and meat.

No one comforted her, so she sulked by herself.

Wu Ni carried Feng Yingyuan around and came back to see that everyone had dispersed.

He asked, “Were not playing anymore”

Xu Ziqing said sarcastically, “If you want to play, wont you play with Sister Feng”

Wu Ni looked at Xu Ziqings face and asked, “Are you unhappy”

“No.” Xu Ziqings face was expressionless.

“Are you jealous” Wu Ni guessed.

Wasnt it obvious

Xu Ziqing ignored him.

Wu Ni said, “Its just a game.”

Xu Ziqing chuckled and said, “I know.

You guys can play as you please.

Youre not mine, so why am I jealous”

Feng Yingyuan picked up the skewers that Xu Ziqing had roasted and said as she ate, “You guys take your time.

Ill go and see what theyre doing.”

Wu Ni tried to coax Xu Ziqing again.

He felt that Xu Ziqing was too difficult to coax, so he went to help Chu Yuan install the equipment.

Xu Ziqing was so angry that smoke was almost coming out of her head.


After the sound system was set, Chu Yuan adjusted his voice and asked Shi Xi, “Shi Xi, are you willing to come up and sing the first song”

Shi Xis eyes were curved.

“Im willing!”

Singing and dancing were not just for show!

When she had participated in [Star Idol], she had sung and danced together.

She had practiced vocal music and dance for quite some time!

Now that she thought about it, it was really a loss for the entire entertainment industry that she hadnt debuted.

Forget it, there was still a place for her in the entertainment industry.

Shi Xi sang a sweet and cheerfulWhen You Are.

Her voice was originally soft, and when she smiled, it was sweet and cute.

“When your eyes are smiling, when you drink Coke, when you are noisy.”

“I want to be good to you, youll never know.”

“Missing you, missing you, can also become a hobby.”

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