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Chapter 360: Presents His First Kiss On Screen

[Isnt this question a little too personal I didnt expect Xu Ziqing to be able to ask this question.]

[Just now, Chu Yuan said that they would kiss for a minute.

Why cant Xu Ziqing ask this If you cant afford it, then dont play with it.]

In the bullet screen, the two voices converged.

Feng Yingyuan was indeed an elite lawyer who came out of the storm.

She narrowed her eyes and said, “The first kiss was in the small forest at school, with my first love.”

Xu Ziqing gritted her teeth and said, “Im not asking about the first kiss.”

“The first time you mentioned, I thought you were asking about the first kiss.” Feng Yingyuan smiled and said, “Remember to ask clearly next time.”

“Im asking about the first night.” Xu Ziqing gave up.

Feng Yingyuan shrugged and said, “But I just answered your questions, and it was two questions.

Now its my turn to spin the bottle.”

Xu Ziqing took a deep breath and suppressed her agitation.

But when she saw Feng Yingyuan spin the bottle, Xu Ziqing became worried again.

She was afraid that Feng Yingyuan would retaliate.

The bottle stopped and the mouth of the bottle was finally aimed at Shi Xi.

Xu Ziqing heaved a sigh of relief.

Shi Xi became nervous.

She sat up straight and said, “I choose truth.”

She did not want to kiss anyone here for a minute.

Feng Yingyuan thought for a moment and asked, “What is the most rebellious thing youve ever done”

Shi Xi: “Playing truth or dare with all of you is too dangerous!”

She was a completely obedient girl!

Feng Yingyuan felt helpless and said, “Alright, next round.”

Shi Xi picked up the bottle and turned it to Feng Yingyuan.

Feng Yingyuan looked at Shi Xi thoughtfully and said, “I choose dare.”

Shi Xi could not think of what to do.

Xu Ziqing said from the side, “Xi Xi, let me help you think of a dare”

Shi Xi saw the conflict between the two of them, so she naturally would not let Xu Ziqing use her as a weapon.

She said, “Look at the opposite s*x on your right for ten seconds.”

On Feng Yingyuans right was Wu Ni.

“Just look at each other Is it that simple” Wu Ni felt that the punishment for this dare was too light.

The two of them had just kissed passionately for a whole minute!

Shi Xi: “…Then carry her and walk on the beach for a minute.”

Wu Ni: “…Is this her dare or my dare”

“Youre not willing” Shi Xi straightened her back.

She gradually felt that this game was not interesting.

It was too erotic.

Wu Ni accepted his fate and said, “Fine, fine, fine.

Ill carry her.”

Xu Ziqing was so angry that her eyes were red.

She had never suffered such a huge loss before!

Wu Ni carried Feng Yingyuan on his back and walked barefoot on the beach.

From afar, the two of them were filming the scene.

Behind them was the sea, and the effect was very good.

It was an intimate scene.

Xu Ziqing got up and said unhappily, “Im not playing anymore.

Ill go grill some more meat to eat.”

They had already eaten their fill before they sat down to play the game.

They had originally wanted to promote their mutual understanding, but in the end, everyone was trying to set up Wu Ni and Feng Yingyuan.

Xu Ziqing was naturally angry about this and immediately waved her hand, not wanting to continue playing.

Li Jinfan said regretfully, “I dont feel like Im participating at all.”

After seeing Feng Yingyuan and Wu Nis kiss, he had even fantasized that he would give up his first kiss on the screen in the dare.

He did not expect that the bottle would not even turn in front of him.

Shi Xi said, “If you want to experience it, you can too.

Look at Brother Chu for ten seconds.”

Chu Yuan and Li Jinfan were speechless

There was no need for that.

Shi Xi was interested and said, “Lets give it a try! There are scientific studies that say that as long as two people look at each other for more than ten seconds, dopamine will be produced in the brain.

This is the main ingredient of the human brain during love.”

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