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Xu Ziqing could not stand it any longer and said, “Ill go down and wait for you.”

Shi Xi said, “Alright, Ill go down very soon.”

The boys went to prepare the cars and moved the grills.

Feng Yingyuan picked two bottles of wine and prepared to bring them over to drink.

Xu Ziqing went into the kitchen and tugged at the vegetable leaves.

She asked Feng Yingyuan, “What did you and Wu Ni play today”

Feng Yingyuan replied, “Escape from the secret room.”

Xu Ziqing asked, “Did you have fun”

“It was okay.” Feng Yingyuan recalled for a moment and asked, “How about you How was your date with that little brother”

Xu Ziqing picked up a vegetable and said, “It was okay.”

Feng Yingyuan smiled and said, “That younger brother is a little cute, not as mature as Wu Ni and Chu Yuan.”

Xu Ziqing sized up Feng Yingyuan and asked, “You like Wu Ni”

Feng Yingyuan said, “Its okay.”

Xu Ziqing picked a small vegetable and said, “If you dont like him, dont keep him hanging.

Youre like a green tea.”

The originally peaceful conversation suddenly turned into gunpowder.

“You said Im green tea” Feng Yingyuan couldnt believe it.

“Arent you” Xu Ziqing stared at her with her big innocent eyes.

“You dont like Wu Ni, but you still seduce him.

If its not green tea, then what is it”

The bullet comments were shocked when they saw the two of them facing each other.

[F*ck, Sister Qing, f*ck, just tear it apart.]

[Sister Wine isnt someone to be trifled with.

Go back and fight back!]

[Sister Wine, the wine glass in your hand isnt a decoration.

Just pour red wine on her head!]

[Im suddenly looking forward to it!]

Feng Yingyuan indeed wanted to pour red wine on Xu Ziqings head, but she thought about the camera beside her and smiled politely.

She held back her actions.

“Is there a misunderstanding between us”

“I dont think theres a misunderstanding.” Xu Ziqing refused to communicate with her.

Shi Xi happened to come down from upstairs and said, “Sorry, I changed my clothes and was delayed for a few minutes.

Are we leaving now”

The tense atmosphere was broken.

Xu Ziqing smiled and said to Shi Xi, “The boys are still moving the barbecue grill.

Lets go out and have a look.”

Shi Xi said, “Okay, Ill carry the ingredients.”

Feng Yingyuan chuckled and followed them out with the wine.

The six of them split into two cars.

Xu Ziqing and Feng Yingyuan did not get into one, avoiding the awkwardness on the road.

When they reached the beach, everyone set up the barbecue rack.

The barbecue was not very technical.

Anyone could play it for a while.

The few of them ate the barbecue and drank the wine.

They proposed to play the game.

The most tacky and old-fashioned game: Truth or Dare.

Whoever the empty bottle turned to would choose truth or dare.

Chu Yuan said, “Lets say it first.

Its just a game.

We cant go too far.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The bottle turned, and the first round turned to Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan said, “Truth.”

Xu Ziqing asked first, “Is the girl you like at the scene”

As she asked, she also looked at Shi Xi.

The others also looked at Shi Xi in a gossipy manner.

Even the camera was focused on Shi Xis face.

After all, Shi Xi liked Chu Yuan.

It was a well-known fact and she never hid it.

On the other hand, Chu Yuan was calm and magnanimous.

He was very friendly to everyone and treated Shi Xi no differently.

Shi Xi gnawed on the roasted chicken feet and took the time to look at Chu Yuan.

Everyones eyes turned to look at Shi Xi and Chu Yuan.

Even the bullet screens became nervous, afraid that the two of them would declare their love on the spot.

Chu Yuan smiled and said, “I dont have a girl that I like for the time being.”

Hearing this answer, everyone who couldnt eat the melon felt bored.

Xu Ziqing looked at Shi Xi and said regretfully, “What a pity.”

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