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In an instant, both of them were embarrassed.

Shi Xi smiled and said, “I bought this from a florist when I passed by.

I was going to put it in a vase by my bed.”

“You bought flowers yourself” Xu Ziqing covered her mouth in surprise.

“Ive always received flowers from others, but Ive never bought flowers myself!”

“Did you receive any flowers today” Shi Xi directly asked back.

Xu Ziqing replied, “No, I didnt.”

Her date with Li Jinfan was extremely awkward.

Moreover, she could sense that Li Jinfan didnt like her, so why would he send her flowers

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“Ill put the flowers in the vase upstairs first.”

Xu Ziqing looked at Shi Xis back and the smile on her face instantly disappeared.

What was there to be arrogant about

After Li Jinfan found out that Shi Xi had bought the flowers herself, he immediately followed her to fetch the vase and arrange the flowers.

It was a completely different person from the perfunctory way he had treated Xu Ziqing during the day.

The last ones to return were Feng Yingyuan and Wu Ni, who had gone to the secret room escape to play.

The two adults were having a very happy time.

Moreover, both of them had come here for the purpose of being in love.

The relationship quickly became intimate because of the love between genders.

Feng Yingyuan and Wu Ni chatted and laughed as they entered the door.

When they realized that the atmosphere in the room was not right, they stopped smiling.

When Wu Ni saw Xu Ziqing in the kitchen, he went over to help her.

He asked in a low voice, “Whats wrong”


I just didnt receive any flowers.

I was ridiculed.” Xu Ziqing cut the matter to the chase.

She only said the part that was most beneficial to her and began to feel wronged.

“Who ridiculed you” Wu Ni, the flower protector, immediately disagreed.

“The next time Ill buy you 999 roses.

You can throw them directly at her face!”

Xu Ziqing was amused.

“999 roses Can I carry them”

Wu Ni said, “Its okay, Ill help you carry them.”

The two of them quickly mingled and prepared dinner in the kitchen.

Feng Yingyuan sat on the sofa and poured herself a glass of water, drinking it slowly.

She also observed the movements in the kitchen.

Wu Ni was really a mature man.

He dated her during the day and chatted with Xu Ziqing at night.


Feng Yingyuan had thought that Wu Ni was very nice, but now it seemed that Wu Ni was just a playboy.

They planned to go to the beach for a barbecue at night.

After some preparation, they brought the washed and cut ingredients and went to the beach.

Xu Ziqing wore a swimsuit and a long-sleeved coat that covered her thighs.

She looked slim and did not expose her body, which was in line with her sweet girl style.

Feng Yingyuan was wearing a mature, hanging swimsuit.

Her chest was like two big coconuts.

Her waist was slim and her long legs were straight.

Shi Xi was going to wear a swimsuit, but she could not find her own swimsuit no matter how hard she tried.

Xu Ziqing urged, “Xi Xi, were leaving soon.

Arent you going to change”

“I cant find my swimsuit.” Shi Xi was very curious.

She looked through the clothes again and said, “I remembered to bring it.”

“Think about it again.

Where did you put it” Xu Ziqing asked.

“Uh, my assistant packed it.

But I told her to bring a swimsuit.” Shi Xi looked through the clothes again and said helplessly, “Forget it, Ill just wear it casually.”

Maybe Zhu Lin forgot to put on the outfit.

Shi Xi casually wore a suspenders and cardigan, plus a pair of jean shorts.

Her hair was tied with a headband.

She was full of energy.

When Xu Ziqing saw Shi Xis outfit, her eyes were filled with jealousy.

Why did Shi Xi look better in just a casual outfit, a casual tie of her hair, and a casual make-up

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