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After coming out of the dance floor, Shi Xi was ready to find a place to eat.

She hadnt eaten anything all night.

She had only eaten a few strawberry puddings in the afternoon, and now she was so hungry that her stomach was growling.

However, Shi Xi was too famous in Feng Citys socialite circle, so many girls came up to her and chatted with her.

Shi Xi could only perfunctorily deal with them one by one.

Finally, there was no one else around.

Shi Xi picked up a grape-style egg tart and was about to bite down when the egg tart in her hand was snatched away.

Shi Xi: “!”

Han Chuan snatched the egg tart from her hand and said coldly, “Youre almost as fat as a pig, and youre still eating such high-calorie desserts”

“How am I fat!” Shi Xi touched her flat belly.

“Look, its all flat.”

“Your arms arent meat Your Legs arent meat Your face isnt meat” Han Chuan ate the egg tart that he had snatched and said, “At most, you can eat an apple and two pieces of lettuce at night.”

Shi Xi was indignant and clenched her fists, wanting to resist.

Han Chuan said, “Or do you want the audience to complain that the female supporting actress is getting fatter and fatter every day afterOverbearing Love is released That there wont even be enough room on the screen”

Shi Xi was speechless and held back her tears.

When she was on set, she had observed that the other actors ate very little in order to look better on camera.

Some actors were so skinny in reality that they would lose their looks, but they would still look fat on camera.

They were scolded by the netizens again and again.

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Shi Xi did not like eating apples.

At this moment, she could only look at her beloved strawberry pudding with longing eyes.

It was too pitiful.

Just as Shi Xis eyes were filled with desire, Tao Yuxuans arrogant and despotic voice sounded from the other side.

“Eh You dont know how to play the piano Im really sorry.

This is a compulsory course for us.

I thought you knew how to play it too,” Tao Yuxuan said apologetically.

However, there was not a hint of apology in her tone.

Instead, her tone was even more ostentatious.

“Then what musical instrument do you know Suona”

Shi Xi listened from afar and thought to herself, “Ill play the Suona for you.”

‘Ill send you away directly so that the female protagonist wont have to make a move.

However, Tao Yuxuan was too quick to stir up trouble.

When Shi Xi heard it, she did not have the time to stop her.

She could only resign herself to fate and walk over, hoping that she would be able to collect Tao Yuxuans corpse in one piece.

“Do you have a guzheng” Ning Yus voice was indifferent.

“Oh You know guzheng” Tao Yuxuans ending tone was raised.

She smiled and said, “It just so happens that the Shi Family has a guzheng.

Why dont you play a song”

Ning Yu really knew how to play guzheng.

Shi Xi walked forward and the guzheng was already brought over.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, it was naturally impossible to fake it.

Ning Yu sat in front of the guzheng and tested the tune.

The pitch was correct.

Ning Yu pressed on the strings and played the hook.

The sound of the guzheng was slow and quiet.

The guests present quieted down and were immersed in the elegant music.

Shi Xi looked at Tao Yuxuan.

The latters lips curled up slightly and her eyes were filled with confidence and contempt.

Sigh, how tragic.

Shi Xi did not look at Tao Yuxuan anymore.

She was afraid that this child would be hit too hard.

Tao Yuxuan lifted her chin slightly and waited for the sound to be broken.

She knew that Ning Yu could play the guzheng, so she deliberately provoked Ning Yu to play the guzheng.

But that guzheng had already been tampered with by her! She wouldnt notice it during the soundcheck.

Only when she was halfway through playing it would she realize…

Halfway through playing the zither, Ning Yu noticed that there was something wrong with the guzheng string in the middle!

Her eyes quickly swept across the guzheng string, and she immediately understood that the problem didnt lie in the guzheng string, but in the unstable pillar!

It was really troublesome to target her!

Ning Yus expression didnt change.

She pressed down on the guzheng string and continued playing the next part.

The perfect and smooth tune poured out without a single flaw.

When the last note was played, everyone applauded.

“I didnt expect Miss Ning to play the guzheng so well.”

“Its as if listening to the music of an immortal.”

“Shes really amazing!”

The smile on Tao Yuxuans face disappeared completely.

She stood there in a daze.


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