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The next morning, Shi Xi had just come downstairs when she smelled the fragrance.

Mu Zhao brought out the breakfast that had been prepared and said with a smile, “Just in time for breakfast.”

There were egg cakes, millet porridge, vegetable boxes, and fried eggs on the table.

Shi Xi was surprised.

“Did you make all these”

“I made them together with Brother Zhuang.” Mu Zhao was virtuous and modest.

Yesterday, she realized that she had not done much, so she got up early in the morning to get busy.

After Shi Xi sat down, she swept her gaze around and asked, “Wheres Nan Wan”

Zhuang Xuan said, “Shes still at the hospital.”

Mu Zhao was puzzled.

“Didnt she take the medicine yesterday Why did she still go to the hospital”

Zhuang Xuan shrugged.

“Who knows”

The program might be less fun if there was one less person to record it.

But if it was Nan Wan who was missing, they wouldnt mind.


After happily recording the show, Shi Xi went to Long Quan Village.

She hadnt seen the Ning parents for a long time, so she wanted to go back and take a look.

However, when she reached the door, the clinics door was already closed.

Shi Xi: …

She knew that there werent many patients here, so they wouldnt go so far as to switch to selling crabs, right

However, she still had to continue recording [Secret Love Exchange] after this, so Shi Xi could only leave and visit the two elders next time.


The popularity of the first two episodes of [Secret Love Exchange] was very high, so the broadcast of the third episode undoubtedly made everyone even more excited.

After all, when the audience watched love variety shows, they wanted to see them fall in love or tear each other apart.

If they wanted to watch a variety show where the years were peaceful, they could watch [Landscape Life].

They could also see the bright and shining artistes in front of the audience who were so dejected that they couldnt light a fire even if they died.

With the excitement of eating melons, the audience clicked on the third episode of [Secret Love Exchange].

The beginning was a review of the content of the previous episode: Shi Xi bought a bunch of flowers at the flower shop and was ready to return to the car.

After the last episode was broadcast, everyone guessed that Shi Xi was buying flowers for Chu Yuan.

After all, everyone knew that Shi Xi liked Chu Yuans adoring gaze.

After the shop assistant wrapped up the flowers, Shi Xi carried them into the car.


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