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Mu Zhao was no longer in pain.

She was still helping to clean up the dishes and said, “Hes been a doctor for decades.

How could he prescribe the wrong medicine”

Nan Wan cursed in her heart and looked at Zhuang Xuan.

“Brother Zhuang, shall we go to the hospital for a checkup together”

Zhuang Xuan leaned back in his chair and smacked his lips.

“I think its nothing.

Im just a little sleepy.”

“Its normal to feel sleepy after taking the medicine.

Brother Zhuang, you should rest early.

Pei Jie and I will clean up,” Shi Xi said.

“Thank you for your hard work.

Ill be going upstairs first.” Zhuang Xuan went straight upstairs.

Nan Wan was the only one who was still persisting.

The staff had all packed up their equipment and were ready to leave work.

The director said to Nan Wan, “If you want to wait for the ambulance, you can wait for it yourself.

If theres nothing else, Ill call the ambulance to go back now.”

Nan Wan gritted her teeth.

“Ill continue waiting!”

The director said, “Alright, well start recording at 9 tomorrow.

Itll be fine if you come back before 9.”

Nan Wan asked, “What If I dont come back I might have to be hospitalized.”

“Then we wont record you,” the director said straightforwardly.

Nan Wan was stunned.

On the other side, Shi Xi said to Mu Zhao, “Go upstairs and rest.

Pei Jie and I will pack up.”

After Mu Zhao took the medicine, she did not feel much pain, but she was still weak.

Hearing this, Mu Zhao did not decline.

“Alright, thank you.”

“Its alright.” Shi Xi put away the dishes.

“Pei Jie, come and wash the dishes.”

Pei Jie was speechless.

“You wash the dishes, and I sweep the floor.” Shi Xi felt that the distribution was very fair.

The staff had already left, and Nan Wan did not have the energy to put on an act.

She huffed angrily and said, “Shi Xi, you deliberately poisoned our food, right”

Shi Xi swept her gaze across the floor, speechless.

She said, “You ate food that countered each other.

Thats why youre like this.

You were the ones who went to pick the lotus seeds.

If you didnt go to pick the lotus seeds, how could you cook lotus seed and peanut soup How could you be like this”

Shi Xi was not used to this Young Miss Nan Wan.


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