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Father Ning was benevolent and said, “Young lady, dont go against your own body.

Let me take a look at you.”

Nan Wan said in disdain, “Get lost! Dont touch me with your dirty hands!”

Ning Yus eyes were cold.

“Dad, lets go.”

The director hurriedly went forward to stop her and pressed on the medical box.

“No, no, no.

She has a childish temper.

Please be magnanimous and let him have a look.”

Zhuang Xuan and Mu Zhao were no longer in pain.

Only Nan Wan was still clenching her teeth and waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Ning Yu chuckled.

“She already said that she wont let us have a look.

Just wait for the ambulance.”

The director smiled apologetically.

“Little sister, dont be angry.”

Nan Wan clutched her stomach and gritted her teeth.

“I dont need it! Also, this crab was sold by you guys.

If I get sick from eating it, all of you will have to take responsibility!”

Ning Yu said coldly, “If you die, Ill give you a good urn for free.”

Nan Wan was so angry that her head hurt.

The director was helpless and looked at Shi Xi.

“Shi Xi, come over and persuade her! We cant let Nan Wan die here.”

Shi Xi was munching on melon seeds when she heard that.

“Dont worry.

She just ate the wrong thing.

Itll only hurt for one night.”

The director:

Father Ning said earnestly, “Why do you have to go against your own body”

Shi Xi continued munching on sunflower seeds.

“She doesnt like to follow it.

Just ignore it.”

Father Ning: …

The directors head hurt.

He called for the two staff members and said, “Hold Nan Wan down and let Doctor Ning treat her.”

Nan Wan could throw a tantrum.

The others could watch from the sidelines, but as a director, he couldnt!

If any of the guests got into trouble on his show, he would take full responsibility.

Father Ning had a difficult time treating Nan Wans illness and prescribing medicine for her.

Nan Wan did not want to take the medicine even if she died, but she was in too much pain.

She pretended to struggle for a while and took the medicine.

After taking the medicine, Nan Wan finally calmed down.

She still said fiercely, “Ill go to the hospital to have my stomach pumped later!”

The director gave Father Ning a big red packet and said, “This is the medical fee.

Thank you for your hard work.”


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