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Father Ning thought of something and said, “It just so happens that Xi Xi wants you to go over.”

“She wants me to go over Why” Ning Yu didnt understand.

“Maybe she misses you” Father Ning guessed.

When Mother Ning heard that, she said, “Then Ill go and take a look too.

I havent seen Xi Xi for a long time.

She seems to have lost weight again.”

“Im going to see them as a doctor.

How does it look like if the whole family goes” Father Ning straightened his back.

Ning Yu said, “Lets set off before the patient dies.”

Father Ning sighed.

He only wanted to sell hairy crabs.

It was much more profitable than being a doctor.


When they reached the small wooden house, Father Ning took out his stethoscope and prepared to see the patients one by one.

Ning Yus gaze swept across the dining table and scooped some lotus seed soup.

Shi Xi said, “Do you want to drink it Theres still some in the pot.

Ill fill a bowl for you.”

Ning Yu: “…Im not hungry.”

“The braised pork is also very delicious! Try one!” Shi Xi strongly recommended.

“Im just looking at what you guys ate.” Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi and added, “To see if theres any food that goes against the crab.”

“Is that so” Shi Xi asked, “Is there”

Ning Yu said, “The crabs cant be eaten with lotus seeds and peanuts.

Theyre all in the lotus seed soup.”

Shi Xi heaved a sigh of relief.

Luckily, she was allergic to seafood and didnt eat those.

She looked at Pei Jie.

Pei Jie said, “I dont like sweet food.”

He had also escaped death.

“But they didnt eat much.

Why does it hurt so much” Shi Xi asked in puzzlement.

“Theyre not feeling well.” Ning Yu walked up to Mu Zhao first and pressed on a few acupuncture points on her arm.

Mu Zhaos expression eased up a lot.

“Thank you.”

Ning Yu said, “No need to thank me.

Its only temporary pain relief.

Ill prescribe you some medicine.”

Father Ning was listening to Zhuang Xuan for a while before saying, “Ill prescribe you some pain relief medicine.”

Zhuang Xuan said, “I have a stomachache.”

“I know.” Father Ning said, “I forgot to bring the stomach medicine.”

Zhuang Xuan:


Send me to the hospital!!

I dont want to die at the hands of this quack!!!

Ning Yu took the medicine for Mu Zhao and let her eat it.

Mu Zhao looked much better.

“The antidiarrheal medicine wont take effect so quickly,” Ning Yu said, “So diarrhea is a normal phenomenon.

Just take the medicine again tomorrow morning.”

Mu Zhao leaned against the back of her chair, feeling hopeless.

Father Ning pulled on the medicine box.

“Eh Did I bring the stomach medicine”

“I saw that the one in the medicine box was used up, so I replenished it,” Ning Yu said from the side.

“Hell be fine after taking some stomach medicine.

He doesnt need to take any painkillers.”

Zhuang Xuan took the medicine and asked suspiciously, “Can it really be taken”

Shi Xi said, “Or you can wait for the ambulance in four hours.”

Pei Jie said seriously, “Theres still three and a half hours.”

Zhuang Xuan closed his eyes and took the medicine.

It was Nan Wans turn.

Ning Yu did not have a good impression of Nan Wan.

She closed the medical kit and said, “Dad, its time to go back.”

“Theres still a patient,” Father Ning said.

Ning Yus eyes were cold.

Shi Xi sighed in his heart.

Father Nings eyes were too good.

“I dont want to see them as a doctor!” Nan Wan was very strong-willed.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Id rather die here than take their medicine!”

Ning Yu said, “Lets go.”

Father Ning had been a doctor for many years.

He had seen all kinds of weaklings.

He walked up and asked, “Where exactly does it hurt”

“Do you have a medical license” Nan Wan asked in return.

“I have a clinic.” Father Ning did not answer directly.

“You dont even have a medical license, and you dare to come out as a doctor!” Nan Wan said word by word.

“I want to wait for the ambulance!”

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