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The bullet comments were filled with laughter, but at the same time, they were also extremely envious.

[How can I eat as much as Shi Xi and be as thin as her]

[Female geese should eat less! One bowl is enough!]

[Shi Xi eats so much, why doesnt she get fat]


“Oh, right.

I remember that this place is very close to Xi Xis house.” Nan Wan suddenly mentioned it and looked at Shi Xi.

She asked with a smile, “Am I right”

Shi Xi smiled.

“Youre wrong.”

“Thats impossible.

Im sure Im right.” Nan Wan had specially checked before she came and introduced her to the others.

“Xi Xi and another girl were carried by the wrong person.

Xi Xis biological parents are both from the countryside, and they sell crabs.”

“Im also from the countryside,” Pei Jie said lightly.

“Also, the crabs we ate were given to us by Teacher Shi Xis parents.”

Nan Wan was still eating the crab legs, and her smile instantly froze.

Old Man Zhuang Xuan was smart.

He laughed and said, “I also came from the countryside, but at that time, I didnt think about farming crabs.

I just fished some fish and prawns out of the water.”

Nan Wan poked at her bowl and suggested, “How about this Xi Xi, bring us to your house tomorrow.

What do you think”

Shi Xi said, “Its nothing much.”

Nan Wan looked forward to it.

“But we want to go and have a look.”

Shi Xi looked at Mu Zhao.

“Do you want to go”

Mu Zhao: Actually, I do.

After all, its also Ning Yus house.

“Didnt we agree to pick mushrooms tomorrow” Mu Zhao smiled awkwardly.

“But I want to go to Xi Xis house to take a look!” Nan Wan insisted.

Shi Xi: “Think about it.”

Nan Wan wanted to say something else, but was interrupted by Zhuang Xuan.

“If you want to go and see it, you can wait until the program is finished recording and watch it by yourself.” Zhuang Xuan had been in the entertainment industry for many years and could see through Nan Wans thoughts at a glance.

Nan Wan wanted to mock Shi Xis background.

Shi Xi smiled faintly.

“After the program is recorded, I can go home to take a look.

Do you want to come with me”

Nan Wan instantly did not want to go.

“Theres no need.”

Shi Xi shrugged nonchalantly.

When they were about to finish eating, Mu Zhao put down her bowl.

“Im going out for a while.”

After a while, Nan Wan clutched her stomach.

“My stomach hurts a little.

Excuse me.”

The two girls disappeared in an instant.

Shi Xi was drinking lotus seed soup and was a little confused.

However, since the food was in front of her, she didnt care anymore.

Zhuang Xuan looked over and asked, “Wont your manager let you control your diet”

Among female celebrities, Shi Xi ate a little too much.

“Hes not here today.” Shi Xi picked up a piece of red braised pork for her family and said, “Please delete the part where I add rice in the later stages, and dont let my manager see it.”

Zhuang Xuan asked, “What about the part where you add meat”

The camera zoomed in.

Shi Xi picked up a piece of red braised pork that was so juicy and translucent that it made people drool.

Shi Xi paused for a moment.

“Its just a piece of meat.

It wont make you fat… right”

Pei Jie said from the side, “Teacher Shi Xi isnt fat.”

Shi Xi ate the piece of red braised pork with peace of mind.

Zhuang Xuan wanted to say something else, but he felt a little uncomfortable and said, “My stomach hurts a little.”

Pei Jie stood up.

“Ill go get the medicine.”

Zhuang Xuan said, “Okay, its in my room.

Help me get the stomach medicine.”

Shi Xi put down her bowl and chopsticks.

“Ill get a cup of hot water.”

When Shi Xi returned with the hot water, Mu Zhao returned and said weakly, “I dont feel right.”

“Whats wrong” Shi Xi placed the hot water in front of Zhuang Xuan and asked Mu Zhao, “Do you want to take some medicine too”

“Is there any medicine that can treat both stomachache and stomach pain at the same time” Mu Zhaozhao sat down, her face extremely pale.

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