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Mu Zhao was a little embarrassed after she answered.

She had always thought that Shi Xi was a bad woman who stole everything from Ning Yu.

She did not expect Shi Xi to be so enthusiastic.


When it was time for dinner, the few of them sat together and chatted while eating.

Nan Wan had been here once before, and they seemed to be very familiar with each other.

“This spicy crab looks delicious.” Nan Wan took a whiff and praised, “It smells so good.

Brother Zhuangs culinary skills are getting better and better!”

“The crabs bought by Xiao Jie and Shi Xi are good.

They are big and have good meat.” Zhuang Xuan sat at the head seat and said, “Dont stand on ceremony.

Eat up.

Finish up.

Dont leave any leftovers.”

Nan Wan saw that Zhuang Xuan had sat down and sat next to him.

She said, “Brother Zhuangs cooking is so delicious.

I will definitely eat more.”

Pei Jie went to get the rice, while Shi Xi went to the kitchen to help carry the rice and placed it in front of everyone.

“Theres too much.

I cant finish it.

Just get me half a bowl,” Nan Wan said.

Nan Wan, who had been talking about eating more, instantly forgot what she had said.

“Then go get it yourself.” Shi Xi took the bowl and sat down.

Nan Wan glanced at Shi Xi and turned to instruct Pei Jie, “Xiao Jie, get me half a bowl of rice.

Im trying to lose weight, so I cant eat too much.”

Pei Jie scooped up half a bowl of rice and replaced the bowl in front of Nan Wan.

Only then did Nan Wan become happy.

“Thank you, Xiao Jie.”

Pei Jie: “Youre welcome.”

The bullet comments were not surprised to see Nan Wan still acting like this.

[I really dont understand how she has the face to continue appearing on the show.

Has she forgotten all about her personality]

[Wan Wan is a little temperamental, but as long as you understand her, youll know that shes just a little woman with a spoiled personality.]

[Come on, shes stupid and bad, her acting skills are bad, and she cant let go of variety shows.

She wants to earn money from the entertainment industry, but she also doesnt want to lower herself to please the audience.

Isnt it a little more noble to have acted overseas]

[Nan Wan is an international actress to begin with, and shes a real rich and beautiful lady.

Participating in variety shows is just to experience life.

Are those hater fans of some fake heiress jealous of our Nan Wan]

Most of Nan Wans haters were labeled as Shi Xis fans.

Wherever there was Nan Wan and Shi Xi, there would be no peace.

The show continued.

After dinner, Nan Wan chatted with Zhuang Xuan while eating.

“I saw Teacher Zhuangs [Hidden Surge] series before and thought that the plot and filming were amazing.

Will you continue filming in the future”

[Hidden Surge] was Zhuang Xuans previous award-winning movie, and Nan Wans flattery was just right.

Shi Xi chewed on her ribs as she watched her speak with confidence.

Then, she looked at Pei Jie and Mu Zhao who were eating quietly by the side.

Sigh, why didnt these two know how to take advantage of the cameras in variety shows

Perhaps they didnt want to talk to Nan Wan.

Shi Xi guessed.

Because that was how she was.

After eating a bowl of rice, Pei Jie stood up to serve the second bowl.

He asked Shi Xi, “Do you still want rice”

Shi Xi replied, “When Im starving to death on the streets, I might choose to beg.”

Pei Jie replied, “…Im asking if you want rice.”

Shi Xi handed the bowl over.

“Add another half bowl.”

When Pei Jie returned with the rice, Shi Xi praised, “Thank you.

The rice is very delicious.”

Pei Jie paused and said, “Brother Zhuang also made the rice.”

Shi Xi looked at Zhuang Xuan and then at Pei Jie.

“The rice you washed is so clean.

It tastes so good when steamed.”

A crafty way of praising.

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