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Shi Xi: !

How did she meet Ning Yu here!

Also, why was she selling hairy crabs here!

Shi Xi swept her gaze and saw the Ning parents beside her.

Ning Yu was in charge of collecting the money while the Ning parents were packing.

As if sensing Shi Xis gaze, Ning Yu raised her eyes and looked at Shi Xi coldly.

“Hi” Shi Xi did not avoid her gaze and asked directly, “Sister, why are you here”

“Were here to sell something.” Ning Yu asked in return, “Why are you here”

Shi Xi looked at the cameraman beside her.

“Were here to record a show.”

The Ning parents saw Shi Xi and were both surprised and delighted.

“Xi Xi Why are you here”

“Im recording a show nearby.

Im here to buy vegetables.” Shi Xi saw that more and more people were gathered around and hurriedly said, “Lets sell the hairy crabs first! What can I do to help”

Ning Yu: “Staying away from us is the greatest help.”

Because of the order of the words and Pei Jies arrival, more and more people gathered around.

The people buying hairy crabs could not enter.

Shi Xi whispered, “Then you should also stay away from us.”

Ning Yu: “Hm”

Shi Xi smiled sweetly.

“You guys go ahead.

Ill go back to recording the program first.”

Ning Yu glanced at her without saying a word.

Father Ning, on the other hand, picked up a few hairy crabs.

“Xi Xi, take these back to eat.”

Mother Ning reminded, “Xi Xi is allergic to seafood!”

“Its not like shes alone.

Let her friends eat them.” Father Ning was a good person.

Shi Xi had wanted to reject him, but when she heard this, she turned to look at Pei Jie.

“Take them.”

Pei Jie: “…Thank you, Uncle and Auntie.”

He didnt expect to get a few hairy crabs for nothing.

On the way back, Shi Xi asked, “Do you know where Long Quan Village is”

Pei Jie: “Nearby.”

Shi Xi: …Saying it would be like saying it for nothing.

“Whats the exact location” Shi Xi pressed.

Pei Jie: “I dont know.

Ive never been there.”

The location where they were recording was Yukang Village on Mount Yukang.

It was probably closer to Long Quan Village.

After returning to the small wooden house, Shi Xi noticed that there were a few more people in the courtyard.

Nan Wan.

Mu Zhao.

“Xi Xi, youre back.” Nan Wan was carrying a small basket and seemed to have no hostility toward Shi Xi.

She smiled and said, “Were going to pick some fruits.

Do you want to eat them”

Shi Xi said, “Go and wash them first.

I think there are bugs inside.”

Nan Wans pupils constricted and she could no longer hold the basket steadily.

Mu Zhao, who was next to her, took it and brought it to the well to wash the fruits.

Shi Xi did not want to interact with Nan Wan, so she went to help Mu Zhao wash the fruits.

“When did you come”

“In the afternoon.

Then, I went up the mountain with Teacher Zhuang to pick some fruits.

I also went to the river to pick some lotus seeds.

I can make soup for dinner.” Mu Zhao asked, “Havent you been recording that love variety show recently Are you done”

“That love variety show doesnt have to be recorded every day.” Shi Xi washed the fruits and asked, “What have you been busy with recently”

Mu Zhao shrugged.

“Im busy when I have work.

If not, Ill go back to school to rest.”

Shi Xi felt a little strange.

“Didnt the production teams look for you”

She and Mu Zhao were both on the production team of [Nine Blades of Tang], so she naturally knew how good Mu Zhaos acting skills were.

Mu Zhao shook her head.

“Ive auditioned for two sets, but theres no follow-up.”

Shi Xi was deep in thought as she said, “I have a new production starting next month.

Ill help you ask if the second female lead still has any roles.”

Mu Zhao paused for a moment.

“Sure, Im not picky.

The third or fourth female leads will do.”

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