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Pei Jie was stunned.

Shi Xi finished chopping the last bit of firewood.

She put down her knife and asked, “Is there any more”

Pei Jie was stunned speechless.

At this moment, Zhuang Xuan came out of his room and yawned.

“Eh The guest is here”

“Hello, Teacher Zhuang,” Shi Xi greeted politely.


What are you guys doing outside” Zhuang Xuan said casually.

“Come in and sit down.”

Shi Xi: “Chopping wood.”

Zhuang Xuan looked at the firewood on the ground and then at Pei Jie.

“Youre done chopping”

Pei Jie answered truthfully, “I chopped off a portion of it.

The rest was done by Teacher Shi Xi.”

Shi Xi dusted her hands.

“Youre welcome.”

Zhuang Xuan: “…I dont believe it.

How could she chop it”

The video from the first episode was added in time for the later episode.

When Zhuang Xuan was chopping firewood for the first time, it took him a long time to do it properly.

Even Pei Jie only learned how to chop firewood after chopping for a long time.

“Youll believe it when the show airs.” Shi Xi gestured to the camera and blinked.

“I hope you dont cut out the scene of me chopping firewood.”

Cute, cute, chopping firewood no.


Zhuang Xuan said to Pei Jie, “I saw that there werent many dishes left in the kitchen.

Why dont you and Shi Xi go buy some food together”

Pei Jie said, “Sure, what do you want to buy”

Zhuang Xuan said casually, “Ill buy whatever you guys like.”

Shi Xi began to order.

“I want to eat mapo tofu, shredded green pepper meat, and lotus root rib soup.”

Zhuang Xuan nodded.


Well make braised pork with soy sauce, and then well buy these.”

Pei Jie silently noted it down.

As he said that he would make what they liked to eat, it was actually what Shi Xi liked to eat.

Pei Jie brought Shi Xi out to buy groceries.

“Do you want to take this car” Shi Xi looked at the tricycle in front of her and hesitated.

“Do you have a drivers license”

Pei Jie: “…Dont worry.

Im a good driver.”

Shi Xi didnt quite believe him.

“If its not too far, we can walk there.”

Pei Jie replied, “Thats fine too.

Well reach the market in half an hour.”

Shi Xi gave up struggling and got on the tricycle, grabbing onto the handrail beside it tightly.

No more variety shows!

Pei Jie started the car and the tricycle started its bumpy journey.

At first, Shi Xi was still a little worried about Pei Jies driving skills.

When she realized that the car was moving steadily forward, she heaved a sigh of relief.

It was better than walking for an hour, right

When they reached the market, Pei Jie brought Shi Xi to the vegetable market with ease and began picking vegetables.

Shi Xi asked, “Do you usually cook, or does Teacher Zhuang”

Pei Jie replied, “Teacher Zhuang.

I help out.”

Seeing how he was picking vegetables, Shi Xi asked, “Do you know how to cook”

Pei Jie picked up the lotus root.

“A little.”

Shi Xi replied, “You guys know quite a lot.”

“Us” Pei Jie turned to look at Shi Xi.

“You, Li Jinfan, and Bai Cangyang.” Shi Xi seemed to be deep in thought.

“After you guys form a group, you guys are much more relaxed than if you didnt form a group.”

Pei Jie: “…”

After buying the vegetables, Pei Jie placed the items on the tricycle and prepared to bring Shi Xi back.

Shi Xi looked at the bustling bazaar and felt a little reluctant.

“Lets go shopping again.”

It had been a long time since she last went shopping.

“Theres nothing to shop about,” Pei Jie said.

“There are so many people over there.

Lets go take a look.” Shi Xi immediately abandoned Pei Jie and ran away.

Pei Jie was speechless.

Why were some people who had been tutors so childish

Forget it.

Pei Jie slowly walked over.

Shi Xi saw a group of people surrounding them and thought that there was something good inside.

Unexpectedly, it turned out to be Ning Yu selling hairy crabs!

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