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Pei Jie replied, “Chop wood.”

When Shi Xi heard this, she reasonably suspected that she had returned to a remote mountain village.

Alright, this was the place.

As for her, who was wearing a pink dress, she was obviously out of place in this place.

Looking at the firewood in the courtyard, Shi Xi asked, “Did you chop all this”

Pei Jie replied, “Yes.”

Shi Xi felt that her questions were all nonsense.

What else could it be

Could it be that she was the one who did it

Or could it be that it was Teacher Zhuang, an old veteran of the entertainment industry

Shi Xi looked at the cameraman beside her and felt embarrassed to be idle.

She asked, “Is there anything I can help you with”

Pei Jie answered concisely, “No.”

Shi Xi looked at the scattered firewood and said, “Shall I help you stack the firewood neatly”

Pei Jie did not say a word, tacitly agreeing with Shi Xis decision.

Pei Jie had always been quiet, and Shi Xi had known this before.

When it came to work, both of them chose to shut up.

Fa Cai basked in the sun for a while in the courtyard before lazily getting up to take a look at the situation.

After realizing that the chopping knife was very dangerous to it, Fa Cai chose to avoid it.

For a moment, there was silence.

Shi Xi looked at her fair and tender hands picking up firewood and sighed in her heart.

Why did she have to come to such a show!

Chopping firewood and diving into the water.

She thought that she had already left this kind of life, but unexpectedly, she still could not escape it.

Why did such a variety show become such a hot variety show!

Did these audiences like to see celebrities doing farm work!


Shi Xi let out an indiscernible sigh.

But Pei Jie heard it.

He looked at the firewood and said, “This is enough.”

With that, Pei Jie placed the scattered firewood together.

“I think theres quite a lot of firewood over there.” Shi Xi asked, “Arent you going to chop it”

Pei Jie replied, “Im tired.”

It was a very powerful reason, and Shi Xi had no choice but to accept it.

“Why dont I chop it Why dont you rest for a while” Shi Xi suggested.

“You” Pei Jies gaze landed on Shi Xi, his eyes filled with distrust.

“Its just chopping wood.

Whats so hard about it” Shi Xi reached out for the knife.

At the same time, the bullet screen was flooded with Shi Xis comments: [Why is she so confident]

[No way, no way, right Dont tell me that people really think that chopping wood is easy]

Shi Xis fans were worried for her.

[Ah, Xi Xi, dont challenge such a difficult task! Be careful not to hurt your hand!]

[Xi Xi has been picking up firewood by the side.

Shes not throwing a tantrum, right]

[Its just a joke for the sake of the atmosphere.

Why would anyone go overboard]


Pei Jie was a little hesitant.

“You wont hurt yourself, right”

Shi Xi: “…Dont worry.

Im an expert at chopping wood.”

Pei Jie handed the knife over in a dubious manner.

Shi Xi took the knife and swung it down, dispersing the firewood in an instant.

Pei Jie was astonished.

In the later part of the video, they replayed the scene three times in astonishment.

The bullet comments were filled with astonishment.

[F*ck, Shi Xi split it open so easily!]

[I thought she was a puxin, but I didnt expect her to actually do it.]

[The more fan-shaped it is, the more ruthless they are in chopping firewood.]

[Shi Xi has really broken my stereotypical impression of female celebrities.]

After Shi Xi chopped a piece of firewood, she said, “Theres not much left.

Lets finish chopping.”

Pei Jie: “…Then Ill organize the firewood.”

Indeed, there wasnt much left.

Shi Xi became more and more proficient and quickly finished the rest of the firewood.

Pei Jie looked at the firewood that Shi Xi had chopped and fell into deep thought.

The bullet screen was also filled with confusion.

[Why does Shi Xi know how to chop firewood]

[Why does she look so familiar with it]

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