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Ning Yu was a godly doctor, and the Ning Family ran a clinic.

Their medical skills should not be bad either.


Moreover, Xie Yunzhou was the villain, and the scourge had been lingering for thousands of years.

It was impossible for him to die so easily.


Shi Xis idea was very perfect.

Uncle Wang also thought that they had already traveled more than half of the way.

Now that they were back in the city, they would send the young lady back — straight to Long Quan village!


Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled outside the house.

Xie Yunzhou felt waves of pain in his chest, and he immediately woke up from the pain.

Everything before his eyes was white, but there was also a hint of tattered.

The middle-aged man who looked like a doctor said, “It seems like his ribs are broken.”

Besides the doctor stood a beautiful girl.

Her eyes were exquisite, and her black pupils were as bright as the stars.

The beautiful girl said unhappily, “Dont look like it.

Are they really broken Can he still live”

“Dont worry, he wont die.” The middle-aged man paused and suggested, “Why dont we send him to the town tomorrow and film Him”


The pretty girl met Xie Yunzhous opened eyes and said dejectedly, “He seems to have woken up.”

Xie Yunzhou was puzzled.

Why was she so upset because he had woken up

The middle-aged man pressed on Xie Yunzhous ribs.

“Does it hurt”

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Xie Yunzhou gritted his teeth.”It hurts.”

Quack doctor, stop pressing!


He was woken up by the pain!

Shi Xi held onto the middle-aged mans hand.

“Dad, stop Pressing.

I think hes in a lot of pain.” If he pressed a few more times, he might really send him away.


This middle-aged man was Shi Xis father, the Ankang Clinics doctor, Ning Baode.

Ning Baode retracted his hand and said, “Its fine.

Its just a broken bone.

It didnt hurt his lungs.”

Shi Xi was very doubtful of her fathers medical skills.

However, Ning Yu was a godly doctor.

Father Nings medical skills should probably not be bad, right

Ning Baode turned to Shi Xi and said, “About that, Xiao Xi, lets go eat.”

When Shi Xi had just arrived at the clinic, Father Ning and Mother Ning were shocked.

They did not expect Shi Xi to return after Ning Yu had left.

Shi Xi was the eldest daughter of the Shi family!

What surprised them even more was that Shi Xi had brought a patient back.

Ning Baode placed the patient on the bed in the infusion room and only heaved a sigh of relief after confirming that he was alright.

At this moment, Ning Yus mother had already prepared a table full of dishes to serve Shi Xi.

Shi Xi looked at the weak Xie Yunzhou and asked, “Are you hungry”

Xie Yunzhou was in pain and weak, unable to speak.

Ning Baode said, “He cant eat.

Just send him a bowl of porridge later.”

Only then did Shi Xi leave with relief.

The door closed, and Xie Yunzhou was the only one left in the infusion room.

After all, it was a small clinic in the village.

There were not many patients, and the infusion people would not come at night.

Because of Shi Xis arrival, Mother Ning also killed a chicken and made a chicken stew with mushrooms for Shi Xi.

All the panic that Shi Xi felt after reading through the book was calmed down by this meal.


“Xiao Xi, after we eat, Ill tidy Up Ning Yus room and let you sleep,” said Mother Ning.

Shi Xi almost crushed the chickens bones.

She hurriedly said, “No, no, Ill sleep in the guest room.”

How would she dare to sleep in the female leads room!

Mother Ning looked troubled.

“But there are no more empty rooms at home.”

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Ill sleep in the infusion room.”

There was a separate infusion room in the clinic.

There were a few beds in there.

Usually, the person who received the infusion would lie down to rest.

Mother Ning was even more troubled.

She looked at Ning Baode.

As the head of the family, Ning Baode said decisively, “Well sleep in the infusion room.

Later, well get a new blanket for Xiao XI.”

“Sure,” Mother Ning said.

Shi Xis eyes were curved.

“Thank you.

Ill go and bring food to Xie Yunzhou.”


Both Father and Mother Ning were simple and kind people.

It was very easy for Shi Xi to get along with them.

When she thought of the big shot villain that she had to face, Shi Xis footsteps became heavy again.


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