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Zhu Lin opened the flowers and checked them before placing them in the vase in the living room and bedroom.

Shi Xi sent the photos to Xie Yunzhou and thanked him at the same time.

Xie Yunzhou: “Theres no recording today”

Shi Xi: “Theres no recording of [Secret Love Exchange].

Im going to record [Landscape Life] tomorrow.”

It was also the variety show that Xie Yunzhou recommended her to go to.

“How long do you need to record that love variety show of yours” Xie Yunzhou asked.

He didnt want to see Shi Xi having an ambiguous relationship with another man at all.

“There are still two weeks left.

When that time comes, a new guest will move in,” Shi Xi said.

Xie Yunzhou: Endure.

Thinking about the good thing that Shi Xi wasnt with that group of people every day, Xie Yunzhou felt much better.

The next day, Shi Xi flew back to Feng City.

“Eh The recording location of [Landscape Life] is in Feng City” Shi Xi asked doubtfully.

“This season is in Feng City,” Han Chuan said, “If you have time, you can still go home.”

“Its been a long time since Ive gone home to take a look,” Shi Xi said thoughtfully.

“After the recording is over, Ill buy some things to go back and take a look.”

Shi Xi was referring to her family in Long Quan Village.

She had wanted to go back to take a look, but her leg was broken.

After that, she joined the crew to film, and she busied herself with the filming.

As the name implied, [Landscape Life] was a place with mountains and rivers, where they lived the life of a farmer at the foot of the southern mountain.

In other words, the transportation was extremely inconvenient.

After circling around for a few hours, Shi Xi finally arrived at the recording cabin.

She carried her suitcase and knocked on the door.

Shi Xi knocked on the door and asked, “Is anyone there”

Not long after, the door was opened.

Shi Xi happened to know the person who had opened the door.

Pei Jie said, “Hello, Teacher Shi Xi.”

Before Shi Xi had arrived, she had already known that Pei Jie would be in the program for a long time.

At this moment, she was not too surprised and only handed the box over.

“Alright, do me a favor and carry the box inside.

Thank you.”

The car drove her to the intersection, and she stumbled for a long distance.

It was still uphill.

Pei Jie took the box without saying a word.

Shi Xi panted slightly.

She saw a beautiful white cat when she entered the house.

The big white cat was lying on its side in the courtyard, basking in the sun.

When it saw a stranger enter, it raised its head.

Its blue eyes were filled with confusion.


When Shi Xi saw such a beautiful big white cat, her heart melted.

“Its so cute! Is this your cat”

Pei Jie was a man of few words.


Shi Xi asked, “Whats its name”

Pei Jie replied, “Fa Cai.”


Shi Xi looked at the beautiful white cat with blue eyes and was confused.

Why was such a fashionable cat called Fa Cai

Looking at the small farm yard, Shi Xi finally understood.

Fa Cai was such a name.

It was very suitable.

Shi Xi wanted to go up and play with the cat, but was stopped by Pei Jies words.

Pei Jie said, “It bites.”

Shi Xi immediately backed off and changed the topic.

“Is Teacher Zhuang around”

Pei Jie said, “…He should still be taking his lunch break.”

Zhuang Xuan was considered to be the host of [Landscape Life], while Pei Jie was a permanent guest.

When Shi Xi heard that he was resting, she lightened her footsteps and said softly, “Then, I wont disturb him for now and keep it down.”

Pei Jie brought Shi Xi to a room and put down the box.

Shi Xis gaze swept across the room.

Pei Jie said, “The blankets have been dried today.

The bedsheets and covers have all been washed.”

“Thank you.” Shi Xis eyes were curved.

Pei Jie said, “Call me if theres anything.”

With that, Pei Jie turned around and left.

Shi Xi followed him out and asked, “What are you doing”

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