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“No, I just arrived.” Chu Yuan took out the tickets.

“Come on, lets go in.”

Shi Xi walked beside him, feeling very happy.

“Brother Chu, do you like Ocean Park”

She couldnt tell that Chu Yuan was so childish.

“I just wanted to take a look,” Chu Yuan said casually.

“I usually dont have much time.”

Shi Xi thought about it and agreed.

She was already so busy, so the popular Chu Yuan was definitely busier than her.

“Do you want some cotton candy” Chu Yuan saw the colorful cotton candy seller beside him and turned to ask Shi Xi.

Shi Xi nodded.

“I want the shark one.”

Chu Yuan paused and said, “Ill buy you that rabbit one.”

Shi Xi:

Chu Yuan: “I want the shark one.”

Shi Xi:

How old are you this year, Big Brother!

Under Shi Xis incredulous gaze, Chu Yuan bought a shark cotton candy and a rabbit cotton candy.

Shi Xi stopped him.

“Wait, let me take a photo first.”

Cotton candy wasnt rare, but shark-shaped cotton candy was still quite rare.

At least, other than Ocean Park, they didnt do it much outside.

The two ate the marshmallows and continued walking inside.

When they reached a small window, Shi Xi saw that it was filled with water.

She leaned against the window and asked, “Where is this”

Chu Yuan looked at the map.

“We should be reaching the Beluga Whale Hall soon.”

“Ah, its the Beluga Whale Hall.

I see a big beluga whale!” Shi Xi saw the big beluga whale swimming toward her from the window.

“Lets go in and take a look.” Chu Yuan put away the map.

Shi Xi leaned in front of the window and sighed, “Its so big!”

Chu Yuan agreed, “Yes.”

Shi Xi stared intently and said, “Its so cute!”

Chu Yuan introduced, “The beluga whale is the 12th cutest species in the world.”

“Then what are the top 11” Shi Xi turned around and asked.

“I dont know.” Chu Yuan pointed at the introduction book on the map.

“Its written here.”

Shi Xi: “…Lets go inside and take a look.”

Both of them were popular guests on the show, but they were both artistes, and they were extremely strict with themselves.

Although they were eye-catching when they were together, they did not act too intimate.

Although Shi Xi liked Chu Yuan, it was only limited to his looks.

After all, Chu Yuan was really very good-looking.

The two of them were friends to begin with, and they had a very pleasant date together.

It made the CP fans go crazy, but the fans were angry.

On the way back, the car passed by a flower shop.

Shi Xi stopped the car and said, “Wait, I want to buy something.”

The camera followed Shi Xi into the flower shop.

Shi Xi looked around and picked the largest bouquet of roses.

She asked, “How many roses is this”

The shop assistant smiled and said, “This is 66 roses.

If you want more, I can wrap 99 roses for you.”

Shi Xi was deep in thought.

“Its rare to see a girl buy roses.

Your boyfriend is really lucky to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you who would buy flowers for him,” the shop assistant praised.

Shi Xi smiled politely and asked, “How much are 99 roses”

The shop assistant said, “888.”

Shi Xi paused.

“How about nine roses”

The shop assistants smile instantly became polite.

“…Nine roses, 98 yuan.”

“Shouldnt it be 80 yuan” Shi Xi tried to bargain from a mathematical point of view.

The shop assistant shook his head and said with a smile, “It shouldnt be.”

Shi Xi compromised and said, “Alright, Ill buy nine roses.”

Sure enough, romance was all money-burning stuff.

The camera paused, and the screen was filled with romantic rose petals.

Then, it turned to Chu Yuan in the car.

Subtitle group: [Please look forward to the next issue of the [Secret Love Exchange]…]

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