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When the balloon went up, the person couldnt catch it, but the cameraman could catch the shot.

Later, the teacher added subtitles and music: [Balloon: I want to fly higher~]

The bullet screen went crazy with laughter.

[D*mn it, how could this balloon fly]

At the same time, there were also people who felt that Li Jinfan did it on purpose.

[Li Jinfan just didnt want to give the balloon to Qing Qing, so he let go of the balloon on purpose and let it fly, right]

[It was clearly Xu Ziqing who didnt catch it herself, so why did you turn the tables]

At the scene, Li Jinfan and Xu Ziqing were both stunned.

Li Jinfan didnt want to go on a date with Xu Ziqing, but after all, they were recording a show, so he didnt want to show it.

At most, he would just eat the ice cream himself.

Although this balloon was meant for Shi Xi and he did not want to give it to Xu Ziqing, he did not want to let it fly.

This balloon cost him 20 yuan!

“Sorry, I didnt hold the string properly.” Li Jinfans attitude was good.

“Its my fault for not catching it.” Xu Ziqing smiled very reluctantly.

Among the three male guests who came to participate in [Secret Love Exchange], she didnt want to get along with Li Jinfan the most.

Li Jinfan was a few years younger than her, so she didnt know how to make a move.

“By the way, do you want to eat ice cream They sell it there.” Li Jinfan pointed in the direction at the right time.

“Im trying to lose weight.” Xu Ziqing declined tactfully.

She felt that Li Jinfan deliberately let the balloon fly, but there was no evidence.

It was so annoying.

Why was it him!

Then, the two of them started the awkward date mode.

The awkwardness could be seen from the camera lens.

The two of them contributed the classic shot of releasing the balloon.

Not only was it well known in the love variety shows, but it was also widely spread in the sand sculpture variety shows.

Unfortunately, there was no sweet interaction after that.

Xu Ziqing only wanted to take pretty photos, while Li Jinfan only wanted to play exciting rides.

The two of them had different goals and had a very long day.


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