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The next morning, the program team prepared the schedule for today.

The program team provided five date locations.

The male guests each chose one of them and put it on the blackboard, but did not mark their names.

The female guests chose one of the three date locations on the blackboard.

It was equivalent to blindly choosing a date.

The guest didnt know who they would date, but they all went to their favorite places.

Li Jinfan looked at the location on the blackboard and chose the amusement park.

He guessed that Shi Xi liked to play with this.

Wu Ni chose the secret room escape because young people nowadays liked to play with this kind of thing.

Moreover, when two people were in the secret room, it was very easy to spark the spark of love.

Chu Yuan looked around and chose Ocean Park.

The program team asked him the reason.

Chu Yuan: “I wanted to go before, but I never had the chance.”

The program team: “…”

They couldnt expect Chu Yuan to be like this in love.

After the male guest was chosen, it was the female guests turn to choose.

Xu Ziqing first took away the choice of amusement park and said, “I want to choose this one.

Ive always wanted to go to an amusement park.”

“Go then.” Shi Xi had also wanted to choose an amusement park.

The last time she went to participate in a program, she had accompanied Professor Qiao on the merry-go-round.

But Xu Ziqing was the first to snatch it away, so she gave up.

Escaping from the secret room was quite fun.

Feng Yingyuan was not as overbearing as Xu Ziqing.

She asked Shi Xi, “Where do you want to go”

Shi Xi took a card and said, “Ill choose this one.”

Feng Yingyuan casually took the last one.

The camera turned.

Bullet comments: [ What did they choose! Wheres the camera]

[Editing, as expected of you.]

[Editing always knows what we want to see the most, and doesnt post it.]

The camera turned to the amusement park.

Li Jinfan first went to the amusement park, carefully selected a balloon, and bought an ice cream.

He originally wanted to buy two ice cream, but he had to hold the balloon with one hand, so he could only hold one ice cream.

It was fine.

He would buy another one later.

Li Jinfan stood at the entrance of the amusement park, looking forward to the arrival of Shi Xi.

The big boy was wearing a white sportswear, and his smile was bright and sunny.

The audience on the bullet screen couldnt bear it any longer.

[Prepare to laugh.]

[Hahaha, Im sorry, Ill laugh first as a show of respect.]

[Get ready to take a screenshot.]

The program teams car stopped, and the female guest got out of it.

In the later stages, special effects were added to the show.

When Xu Ziqing got out of the car, the camera was slowed down to create a beautiful atmosphere.

As a guest, Xu Ziqing was already very beautiful.

When she wasnt by Shi Xis side, she looked even more beautiful.

A bright yellow chiffon top, paired with a white short skirt, made her look fair, beautiful, and long-legged.

Her long brown hair was scattered and stuck with a candy-colored hair clip, making her look sweet and cute.

Anyone who saw her would be in a good mood.

Except for Li Jinfan.

When Li Jinfan saw that it was Xu Ziqing, he paused for a moment and then took a bite of the ice cream.

He ate it himself.

He had miscalculated.

Bullet screen: [Hahahaha, Im dying of laughter.

He should have bought the ice cream for Shi Xi, right]

[Isnt that a little impolite Eating it for yourself Not for a girl Even if you dont like it, you should at least have some basic respect, right]

[The ice cream has already melted.

Dont tell me its going to flow all over his hands Its just a variety show recording, dont go overboard.

Isnt there still a balloon]

When Xu Ziqing saw that her date was Li Jinfan, the smile on her face froze for a moment.

After adjusting her mood, Xu Ziqing walked up to greet him.

“Hi, is this balloon for me”

It was for Shi Xi.

Li Jinfan loosened his grip, wanting to pass the balloon over.

In the end, neither of them managed to grab onto the string of the balloon.

The balloon flew away.

It flew away.

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