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“Two letters.” Shi Xi did not hide anything.

When she saw Feng Yingyuan who had followed Xu Ziqing in, she guessed that they must have exchanged messages with each other.

“Oh, you received a letter from your younger brother and Wu Ni” Xu Ziqing asked.

“Yes.” Shi Xi asked, “Who received a letter from Chu Yuan”

Feng Yingyuan smiled and raised her wine glass.

“Its me.”

Shi Xi looked at Feng Yingyuan and thought about herself.

It was probably because Chu Yuan liked Big Sis Yu, while she was just an ordinary sweet girl.

Xu Ziqing tidied up her clothes and pretended to say casually, “I thought Wu Ni would write a letter to Sister Feng.

I didnt expect him to write to Xi Xi.”

Shi Xis eyes flickered.

This was a provocation.

“I didnt expect Brother Wu to write to me either.

Brother Wu has been with you all day.

I thought you two were in love,” Shi Xi retorted, neither soft nor hard.

Xu Ziqing stopped.

She swore that Wu Ni would write to her.

She really didnt expect it.

Feng Yingyuan held Chu Yuans letter between her fingers and asked Shi Xi, “Do you want to read Chu Yuans letter”

“I dont think thats a good idea.” Shi Xi really wanted to read it.

“Anyway, he didnt write anything.

The program team will probably have read it by then.” Feng Yingyuan didnt care at all.

There was a smile in her eyes.

“What did Wu Ni write”

Shi Xi: “…He just said thank you for helping me peel the prawns for him.

Theres nothing else.”

Xu Ziqing and Feng Yingyuan looked at each other.

The two of them actually lost because they did not peel the shrimp


After the male guests finished asking each other, Li Jinfan looked at Wu Ni in confusion.

“Why did you write it to her Didnt you –” like Xu Ziqing

Li Jinfan did not say the last few words.

Chu Yuan was also very confused and hinted, “Shi Xi is much younger than you, right”

Wu Ni leaned against the sofa.

“Age is not a problem.

I think she is very good at taking care of people.”

He still remembered the plot of Shi Xi peeling prawns for him.

And he could not extricate himself from it.

Li Jinfan ridiculed, “If you want to find someone to take care of you, you might as well find a nanny.”

Chu Yuan did not say anything, but he secretly liked Li Jinfans words in his heart.

The bullet comments were also very unhappy about this.

[Does Wu Ni want to find a girlfriend or a female nanny]

[I originally had a good impression of him, but I didnt expect him to think so.

No wonder hes still single at 28.]

[Hes not bad looking and rich.

How could he lack women Hes probably here for fun.]

Li Jinfan didnt want to chat with these two anymore.

One received a letter from Shi Xi and the other wrote a letter to Shi Xi.

“Im going downstairs to drink some water.” Li Jinfan directly avoided these two people.

When he reached downstairs, Li Jinfan opened the fridge and brought himself a bottle of ice water.

He sat on the sofa in the living room and the more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

Feng Yingyuan had finished drinking her wine.

When she came downstairs to get her wine, she saw Li Jinfan sitting on the sofa.

She smiled lightly and went to open a bottle of wine for herself first.

She shook the wine glass and asked, “You didnt receive the letter.

Are you angry”

Li Jinfan looked at her and said with a lie, “No.”

Feng Yingyuan said, “Shi Xi wrote a letter to Chu Yuan.”

Li Jinfan said, “I know.”

Feng Yingyuan brought two wine glasses over and asked, “Do you want to drink some”

Li Jinfan did not want to get along with the other two men, much less interact with Feng Yingyuan.

He smiled politely and said, “Thank you, I dont drink.”

Otherwise, he would have poured the wine himself.

“Ill go upstairs first.” Li Jinfan picked up his ice water and went upstairs directly.

It was better to go to bed early.

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