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Shi Xi stood in front of the blackboard and looked at the letter on the blackboard.

She said in surprise, “It cant be, right”

Later on, they typed a big “!” on the side

The camera turned to the male guest.

The male guests gathered together.

Li Jinfan asked, “Who did you receive a letter from”

He did not ask who directly.

It seemed like he was just asking casually.

Among them, Wu Ni received the most letters.

Wu Ni said, “Qing Qing and Feng Yingyuan.”

Then Chu Yuan received Shi Xis letter.

Li Jinfan was drinking tea at the side as his gaze fell on the two of them.

He was both angry and jealous.

How could he be inferior to these two men

After reading the letter, Wu Ni asked Li Jinfan, “You wrote to Shi Xi”

Li Jinfan nodded.


It was a pity that Shi Xi wrote it to Chu Yuan!

Li Jinfan looked at Chu Yuan and asked, “Brother Chu, who did you write it to”

If Chu Yuan wrote it to Shi Xi, then wouldnt he have no chance at all!

Alarm bells rang in Li Jinfans heart.

Similarly, the fans watching the show were nervous and expectant.

The camera turned back to the blackboard and Shi Xi took down two letters.

There were only three letters in total.

Feng Yingyuan had just received one letter while Shi Xi had received two letters.

In other words, Xu Ziqing had not received any letters.

Shi Xi took the letters back and did not know what to say.

It was Xu Ziqings turn to go downstairs to get the letters.

When she went downstairs, Xu Ziqing was smiling, hoping that she could get a few letters.

But when she reached downstairs and saw the empty blackboard, Xu Ziqing could not smile anymore.

She was worried about the camera beside her, so she turned around and went back.

She was in the same room as Shi Xi, but she did not go back to her room.

Instead, she went to Feng Yingyuans room first.

Before entering the door, Xu Ziqing took a deep breath to control her anger.

After knocking on the door, Xu Ziqing asked with a smile, “Who did you receive a letter from”

Although she asked with a smile, there was a trace of questioning in her tone.

Feng Yingyuan leaned against the door frame, holding a wine glass in her hand.

There was a lazy smile in her eyes.

“I received a letter from Chu Yuan.”

Xu Ziqing was a little surprised, but she still asked, “How many letters did you receive”

“Just one.” Feng Yingyuan looked at Xu Ziqings expression and guessed, “You didnt receive a letter from Wu Ni”

Xu Ziqings expression changed.

“Thats really interesting.” Feng Yingyuans smile widened.

“You didnt receive it, and I didnt receive it either… Looks like Wu Ni wrote to Shi Xi”

Clearly, Wu Ni and Shi Xi had almost no communication today.

“Shes really amazing.” Xu Ziqing laughed lightly and turned around to return to her and Shi Xis room.

Feng Yingyuan thought for a moment and followed.

She also wanted to know why Wu Ni wrote to Shi Xi and what he wrote.

When the audience saw this scene, their jaws dropped.

[It cant be Wu Ni wrote to Shi Xi Why]

[I thought the letters that Xi Xi received were from Chu Yuan and Li Jinfan.


[Why didnt Qing Qing receive any letters She cooked during the day and went out to buy food.

In the end, no one thought that she was good Sure enough, all men like bad women.]

[Why did Chu Yuan write to Sister Wine He doesnt have much contact with Sister Wine! Annual confusion.]

[Green Tea Qing Qing didnt receive any letters.

Im satisfied.]

After walking in, Xu Ziqing said self-deprecatingly, “I didnt receive any letters.”

Shi Xi casually comforted her, “Maybe they dont think theyre good enough for you.”

It was a pretense between girls.

Xu Ziqing asked Shi Xi again, “How many letters did you receive”

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