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Shi Xi thought that since she had nothing to do, she might as well give it a try.

At worst, she could even give herself a scarf!

There werent many people in the nearby shop, so the male shop owner guided the two of them to make cups bit by bit.

Shi Xi clumsily learned.

It had to be said that her skill points didnt seem to be on manual work.

She could clearly peel prawns completely!

But now, she couldnt even make a cup properly!

Xie Yunzhou, who was beside her, had already gotten very good at it after listening to the shop owners theory.

Shi Xi: “…”

Something was wrong.

“Who are you going to give the cup to” Shi Xi asked.

“Im just making it for fun.” Xie Yunzhou looked at Shi Xi and said, “The bottom of your cup is going to be worn out.”

Shi Xi: !

She hurriedly saved her own cup.

The two of them had made the simplest cup type, but Shi Xi had made a terrible cup.

Xie Yunzhou couldnt stand it any longer, so he decided to help her.

Shi Xi teared up.

“Thank you!”

It was as if a bad student had seen a top student helping out.

When it was time to write, Shi Xi wrote a blessing at the bottom of the cup.

Xie Yunzhou looked at the cup he had made and wrote a string of symbols.

Shi Xi looked at it and asked, “What does this mean”

She couldnt even tell which language it was written in.

Xie Yunzhou paused for a moment.

“Congratulations on making a fortune.”

Shi Xi commented, “This is the most sincere blessing.”

The shop owner put away the cup and said, “Just come and collect the finished product tomorrow afternoon.”

Shi Xi looked at the cup in front of her.

With Xie Yunzhous help, the cup she made was perfect.

In any case, it was definitely better than the scarf she knitted!

Xie Yunzhou said, “I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon.”

Shi Xi waved her hand.

“Its alright.

Ill get Zhu Lin to come over and get it.

Ill bring it for you when the time comes.”

Xie Yunzhous eyes lit up with a smile.



The next afternoon, Shi Xi received two cups.

The more she looked at them, the more she liked them.

Her craftsmanship was really good!

The cups she made were really beautiful!

She completely did not think that these cups were made with Xie Yunzhous help.

Looking at the two cups in front of her, Shi Xi took a photo and sent it to Xie Yunzhou.

“Ive got your cup.

When are you coming to get them”

Xie Yunzhou: “Im going back to Feng City.”

Shi Xi: “…Shall I send them to you”

“Theyre for you,” Xie Yunzhou said.

“I wish you a fortune.”

Shi Xi thought of the blessings written under the cup and was instantly satisfied.

“Thank you! Then Ill accept it!”

Through the words, Xie Yunzhou could see Shi Xis happiness.

A few days later, Xie Yunzhou received Shi Xis gift in return.

It was a small fortune-telling cat.

As long as he pressed a button, its arm would shake.


Xie Yunzhou placed the fortune-telling cat beside the computer and felt a little helpless.

This little girl.

She really liked money!



* *

The discussion about [Secret Love Exchange] was vigorous, and soon the second episode was broadcast.

At the beginning of the second episode, the program reviewed the previous episodes love story.

Xu Ziqing and Feng Yingyuan were interested in Wu Ni.

Li Jinfan had a single arrow, Shi Xi, and Shi Xi had a single arrow, Chu Yuan.

In the trailer, it was obvious that someone had not received a letter, so someone would receive two letters.

The first person to arrive at the small blackboard was Wu Ni.

He received two letters.

Without a doubt, it was Xu Ziqing and Feng Yingyuan.

And Chu Yuan received a letter, which was written to him by Shi Xi.

Li Jinfan, who didnt receive the letter: “…”

This was f*cking ridiculous!

He was the only one who didnt receive the letter!

Li Jinfan returned empty-handed.

The female guest started from Feng Yingyuan.

Feng Yingyuan received a letter.

Then, Shi Xi went to get the letters.

She looked at the remaining two letters on the blackboard in surprise.

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