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Although the two of them werent close, the program team had informed everyone that they were going to celebrate Xu Ziqings birthday, so she could only choose a gift to deal with it.

“What do you want to buy Ill send it to you,” Xie Yunzhou said, feeling somewhat dissatisfied.

Why could people only celebrate their birthdays once a year

He wanted to celebrate it once a month.

Shi Xi said, “Lets go to the boutique in the mall and take a look around.”

She wasnt familiar with Xu Ziqing, so she didnt think of buying any expensive gifts.

She could just go to the two dollar store and buy something to fool her.

Therefore, Shi Xi didnt go to the boutique in the mall at all.

Instead, she saw a boutique on the side of the road and asked Xie Yunzhou to stop his car.

Xie Yunzhou: “…”

The boutique was filled with a dazzling array of products.

There were even hand-woven scarves.

The scarf was hand-woven by the shop owner.

Shi Xi looked at the scarf in front of her and said enviously, “Its so well-woven!”

It was much better than hers!

Xie Yunzhou looked over and an idea slowly formed in his mind.

The shop owner was a clever female boss.

She walked over and introduced, “Beautiful lady, do you want to buy a scarf Its 20 per scarf.”

Shi Xi was speechless.

Such a beautiful scarf was only 20!

Then how could she give away the tattered things that she had knitted!

Shi Xi was originally full of confidence in the scarf that she had knitted.

Now that she saw the scarf that the shop owner had knitted, she felt ashamed of her inferiority.

Xie Yunzhou could see the hesitation in Shi Xis heart at a glance.

Shi Xis thoughts were too easy to read.

What she thought was completely displayed on her face, and she never hid it.

“Do you want to buy one” Xie Yunzhou said, “These scarves are knitted quite well.”

“But I didnt make them myself,” Shi Xi said.

Xie Yunzhou was thinking about how to choose his words when the female shop owner next to him spoke up.

“Nowadays, how can there be so many people who knit scarves themselves! Many girls come to my shop to buy them.

They all say that they knitted them themselves and want to give them away.” The female shop owner sold the girls out with just one sentence.

Shi Xi:

Xie Yunzhou:

“Its not just the girls.

The boys also bought some knitting bags from me.” The female shop owner sold the boys out with another sentence.


Shi Xi:


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