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Xie Yunzhou looked at the shrimp in front of him.

“I dont want to peel it myself.”

Shi Xi was wearing disposable gloves and gnawing on a mutton bone.

When she heard that, she said, “Ill call the waiter and ask the waiter to peel it for you.”

Xie Yunzhou:

“Just give them a tip.” Shi Xi was ready to ring the bell and call the waiter.

Xie Yunzhou: !

“No need.

I dont like others to peel prawns for me.” Xie Yunzhou was implying something.

“Then who used to Peel Prawns for you in the past” Shi Xi asked.

Xie Yunzhou: “I rarely eat prawns.”

Shi Xi thought to herself,Then you shouldnt eat prawns this time.

There were so many things to do.

Could it be that he wanted his mommy to come over and peel prawns for him

Shi Xi was about to say something when she met Xie Yunzhous gaze.

Could it be that he wanted her to peel prawns for him

Shi Xis bone-gnawing hand paused for a moment before finally asking, “Did you watch my variety show”

Xie Yunzhou hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Could it be that Shi Xi had guessed that he was jealous

Could it be that he had to express his feelings now

Xie Yunzhou lowered his eyes and avoided Shi Xis gaze.

He was somewhat regretful for his recklessness.

He shouldnt have done such an outrageous thing just because he was jealous.

After reflecting for a moment, Xie Yunzhou quickly thought of a solution.

Should he continue to insist on Shi Xi peeling the prawns

Or should he pretend to be joking

While Xie Yunzhou was thinking, Shi Xi spoke.

“No wonder.” Shi Xi put down the mutton bone and changed into a pair of disposable gloves.

She said, “You must have taken a fancy to my shrimp peeling skills, right!”

Xie Yunzhou: !

He had expected Shi Xi to be angry, compromise, or be suspicious.

He just didnt expect Shi Xi to have such a reaction!

Shi Xi finished peeling a shrimp and placed it in Xie Yunzhous bowl.

“Ill peel the shrimp for you.

That variety show youre talking about, you must invite me!”

Xie Yunzhou was still stuck in Shi Xis brain.

When he came back to his senses, there was already two more peeled shrimp meat in the bowl.

After Shi Xi placed the third prawns in Xie Yunzhous bowl, Xie Yunzhou said, “Thats enough.”

“Oh” Shi Xi looked up and asked, “Thats enough”

Xie Yunzhou nodded.

Shi Xi peeled three prawns for him, one more than the unknown man.

“Alright.” Shi Xi continued to gnaw on her mutton bones.

Although there was no image in gnawing on bones, but in front of Xie Yunzhou, what image did she want

Xie Yunzhou suddenly asked, “Has anyone ever peeled prawns for you”

Shi Xi thought about it for a moment.


Xie Yunzhou did not ask any further.

He ate all the prawns that Shi Xi had peeled for him.

They were more delicious than anything he had eaten before.

If Shi Xi had heard Xie Yunzhous thoughts, she would probably say that prawns were all so delicious.

Just as Shi Xi was about to gnaw on the second mutton bone, there was an extra prawn meat on the plate that was hard to say it was peeled, but it was indeed peeled.

Looking at the rough surface, she knew that this person definitely rarely peeled prawns.

“Oh” Shi Xi raised her head to look at Xie Yunzhou in puzzlement.

“I peeled it for you,” Xie Yunzhou said.

“But I cant eat prawns.” Shi Xi was even more puzzled.

Xie Yunzhou: “Then just look.”

Shi Xi:

Was this some new type of cruel punishment

She could only watch but not eat!

Xie Yunzhou did not explain.

He was going to be the first person to peel prawns for Shi Xi.

Moreover, only he could peel prawns for Shi Xi.

Shi Xi could not figure out Xie Yunzhous logic.

Looking at the rough and bumpy prawns being peeled, she lost the desire to eat prawns in her heart.

Very good.

After the meal, Xie Yunzhou wanted to send Shi Xi back.

“Im going to the boutique to buy a gift.” Shi Xi said, “Xu Ziqing is the girl who recorded with me.

Her birthday is coming soon.”

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