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After Shi Xi gave Ning Yu a gown, she left Ning Yus room.

Although she really wanted to see the female leads figure, she didnt seem to be familiar with her yet.

She hoped that they could go swimming and soak in the hot spring together sometime in the future.

Shi Xis eyes were filled with yearning.

“Shi Xi, what did you want to talk to me about”

While she was distracted, Shi Xi was interrupted by Sheng Yans voice.

Sheng Yan walked out of the study room of time sequence and happened to see Shi Xi, so he asked.

“Later at the banquet, you…” Shi Xi approached Sheng Yan and whispered something into his ear.

After hearing Shi Xis words, Sheng Yan said with a faint smile, “Why should I listen to you”

“If you want to break off the engagement with me, then do as I say!” Shi Xis eyes were firm, and there was a bright light in them.

Sheng Yan sized up the girl and was somewhat silent.

He and Shi Xi were childhood friends and he had always treated Shi Xi as his younger sister.

It was only now that he suddenly realized that the younger sister in his heart had already grown up.


“I can promise you, but your big brother doesnt seem to agree,” Sheng Yan said indifferently.

“Big Brother” Shi Xi looked at the study rooms door and waved her hand.

“Dont worry, Ill take care of my big brother!”

Sheng Yan curled his lips.


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He had wanted to break off the engagement with Shi Xi.

Since Shi Xi had taken the initiative, he was happy to add fuel to the fire.


Shi Xi knocked on the door of the study room and stuck her head in.

“Big Brother”

“Come in.” Shi Xu leaned against the back of the chair and pressed between his eyebrows.

His voice was gentle.

“How have you been living outside recently”

“Very good.” Shi Xi thought to herself that it would be very happy to live alone!

She walked into the study room and pointed at the necklace on her neck.

“Does it look good”

Shi Xu smiled.

“It looks good.

My sister is the most beautiful.”

“Its Big Brother who chose the necklace to look good.” Shi Xi giggled as she walked forward.

“Big Brother, I have something to discuss with you.

Dont be angry.”


The Shi Family had a strong background and strength in Feng City.

Father Shi was in his prime, and Shi Xu was also a master in the business world.

He led the Shi Family to a higher level, and there was an endless stream of guests attending the banquet.

At this banquet, Father Shi would officially introduce Ning Yus identity.

Those who could attend the banquet had more or less heard some rumors and knew that the Shi Family brought home the wrong daughter.

The real daughter was a boorish person from the countryside.

She often fought and got into fights, and it was at the worst, No.

13 High School.

And the fake daughter who had carried the wrong daughter was Shi Xi, the top socialite in Feng City.

She was gentle, generous, intelligent, and beautiful.

In comparison, the difference was obvious.

Therefore, many people at the banquet were discussing the matter of the real and fake daughter in low voices.

Seeing that everyone was almost there, Father Shi chuckled and walked forward.

“Thank you all for coming to my humble abode on such a busy day… Today, I would like to introduce my, Shi Hongs, daughter, Ning Yu.”


Everyone looked over and saw a cold-looking young lady in a white dress slowly walking down the stairs.

The young ladys skin was snow-white and her appearance was exquisite.

Her amber-colored eyes seemed to contain ice and snow.

When she appeared in front of so many people, there was not a trace of embarrassment or fear in her eyes.

Instead, there was a faint sense of pressure.

As her cold eyes swept over, Ning Yu stood beside Father Shi.

Her voice was as cold as her own.

“Hello, everyone.

I am Ning Yu.”

“Shes so pretty! As expected of the daughter of the Shi Family.

Her genes are so good!”

“Whats the use of being pretty I heard that shes very capable.

On the first day she returned to the Shi Family, she chased Shi Xi out of the Shi Family!”

“Shes a famous gangster from No.

13 High School.

No one dared to provoke her when she was in school! Its really tragic for Shi Xi to run into her.”


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