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The assistants heart instantly jumped as he reported, “Miss Shis new drama has been delayed in starting.

She is currently recording a variety show.”

Xie Yunzhou asked, “What variety show”

The assistant replied, “…Tencent Videos S-Rank variety show.

Its an observation-type reality show.”

Xie Yunzhou didnt really watch variety shows.

He only noticed the S-Rank variety show and asked, “Is it the S-Rank variety show that we sponsored”

The assistant said calmly, “Yes.”

Xie Yunzhou asked no more questions.

The assistant left the office, went to the pantry, opened the variety show, and watched it on double speed.


Shi Xi was mixed-up as a female guest.

Moreover, this program is sponsored by President Xie, specifically asked to let Shi Xi participate by name.

President Xie: I made myself green.

What do we do!

The assistant held his phone in his hand, at a loss.

When he first received the sponsorship contract, he only saw that it was an S-Rank variety show, so he asked Xie Yunzhou to sign it.

Xie Yunzhou had always given the green light to Shi Xis project, and this time, it was the main sponsor.

But he didnt expect that this green light would be given to Xie Yunzhou!

The assistant watched the program and quickly thought of a solution.

What the f*ck…

The program was pretty good.

The assistant could not help but continue watching.

“Eh Sneaking around during office hours” The female staff member who came to the pantry to pour tea saw the screen and smiled.

“Youre watching this variety show too This is super good! Were all watching it!”

The assistant was shocked and turned off his phone with a cold expression.

“Im just taking a look at the companys investment project.”

The female employee was shocked by his expression and left without even taking a sip of water.

“I just remembered that I still have something to do.”

The assistant sighed.

What should he do!

He had never cared about the entertainment industry before, and there had been a lot of variety shows on Shi Xi recently.

Moreover, this was an S-Rank variety show!

The assistant only regretted that he had not carefully reviewed the show.

But thinking about it carefully, President Xie should not be angry, right

Although it was a love variety show, it was all fake… Just like when Shi Xi went to film.

The assistant frantically tried to build up his mental state.

In any case, President Xie would not watch this variety show, so he definitely would not know.

The assistants ideal was right, Xie Yunzhou indeed would not watch these variety shows.

But Xie Yunzhou would read Shi Xis Weibo and super words.

After he finished processing the documents, Xie Yunzhou opened his Weibo and looked at the latest developments on Shi Xis Weibo.

[Secret Love Exchange]

What kind of program was this

Xie Yunzhou smelled something unusual.

He opened the video and watched it.

When he saw Li Jinfan fawning over her, Xie Yunzhou told himself that Shi Xi was an artist and that all of this was just an act.

When he saw Shi Xi looking for Chu Yuan, Xie Yunzhou told himself that Shi Xi was an artist and that all of this was just an act.

When he saw Shi Xi peeling shrimp for Wu Ni, Xie Yunzhou had told himself —

What kind of lousy variety show was this!

Dont you know that theres a difference between a man and a woman!

That Wu Ni was already capable of being Shi Xis uncle back then, yet he was still so impolite!

He was more outstanding than Wu Ni, so why didnt Shi Xi peel shrimp for him

Xie Yunzhou endured the jealousy and dissatisfaction in his heart and continued reading.

When he saw that there was still a letter-writing segment, Xie Yunzhou felt that his life was bleak.

The assistant came in to report.

When he saw Xie Yunzhous expression, his heart thumped.

“President Xie, this is the report from the Human Resources Department.”

Xie Yunzhou closed the video and said calmly, “Put it on the table.”

The assistant prepared to leave.

“Wait,” Xie Yunzhou said, “Book todays flight tickets to Yanjing.”

The assistant: “…Alright.”

Was he going to meet Shi Xi

The assistant wondered if Xie Yunzhou had seen this [Secret Love Exchange].

After all, it was really very popular and very good to watch.

He wanted to watch the second episode.

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