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Shi Xi turned the tables and asked, “Are you going to write a letter to Brother Wu”

Feng Yingyuan was smiling.

She put her glass into the dishwasher and said, “I dont know.”

The sound of the dishwasher was the end of their conversation.

The bullet screen was filled with discussions.

[These two women are not simple people!]

[Sister Wine is obviously not a fool.

How can a lawyer be a fool]

[Its obvious now.

Xu Ziqing and Sister Wine are fighting for Brother Wu, but Shi Xi is peeling shrimp for Brother Wu.

Both of them are here to question Shi Xi.]

[Shi Xi: I dont know anything.]

Next was the letter-writing segment.

Everyone wrote their letters and put them on the small blackboard.

The guests went to pick up the letters.

The first episode of [Secret Love Exchange] ended here.

The next episodes trailer was broadcasted.

The content of the trailer was edited to bits.

Shi Xi stood in front of the blackboard and said in disbelief, “It cant be”

The camera turned and it was Xu Ziqing who was questioning someone.

“Who did you receive a letter from”

Feng Yingyuan was still shaking her wine glass and said with a faint smile, “You didnt receive a letter.

Are you angry”

The female guests scene ended there.

The male guests scene was switched.

The male guests side was much more harmonious.

The three of them gathered together and asked each other:

“Who did you receive the letter from”

“Who did you write it to”

“Why did you write it to her”

The trailer ended there.

The bullet comments were all urging for updates.

[Why did they stop here I want to see who they wrote the letter to!]

[Im so angry.

Who did Xi Xi write to!]

[Xu Ziqings tone is so fierce! From what Sister Wine said, did someone not receive a letter It cant be Xi Xi, right]


The love observers in the observation room were also guessing who they would write to and who they would receive a letter from.

[Qing Qing definitely wrote to Wu Ni.

Although its a little contradictory, she probably wouldnt write to anyone else.]

[Sister Wine is most likely writing it to Wu Ni.

Its also possible that she wrote it to Chu Yuan.]

[Shi Xi is 100% writing it to Chu Yuan!]

[Its also possible that she wrote it to Li Jinfan! Didnt they make an agreement during the day that if they had a mission, they would choose the other party]

After guessing the female guest, they guessed the male guest.

[Li Jinfan wrote it to Shi Xi.

Wu Ni is definitely going to choose between Qing Qing and Sister Wine.

Its just that I dont know who Chu Yuan will write it to.]

[Chu Yuan will probably write it to Shi Xi, right They were filming together previously, and the two of them had quite a good chat.]

There were many speculations on the internet.

Tencent Video even created a small game under the program that allowed them to arrange their speculations and participate in the discussion.

The netizens were discussing happily while urging the program team to quickly update the next episode.


After the first episode was broadcast, the program was very popular.

It was so popular that Xie Yunzhous assistant could hear all kinds of discussions in the pantry.

Xie Yunzhou had been busy with a merger recently, and his assistant was so busy that his feet didnt touch the ground.

He took the time to take a look at Shi Xis variety show.

After seeing the variety shows name, the assistant was shocked.

[Secret Love Exchange]

F*ck! F*ck!!

President Xie turned green!

The assistant opened the variety show with his trembling hands.

Please, let Shi Xi be an observer, not a guest.

Xie Yunzhou suddenly appeared and asked, “What are you looking at”

“Nothing.” The assistant hurriedly put away his phone and said seriously, “The revised contract has been sent to your email.”

Xie Yunzhou answered and walked to the office.

The assistant heaved a sigh of relief and prepared to go out and find a place where no one was watching.

“What is Shi Xi doing recently” Xie Yunzhou suddenly asked.

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