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“Just because you dont like to peel prawns” Shi Xi asked.

“Yes, I think its very troublesome.” Wu Ni shrugged.

Shi Xi picked up a spicy prawns and demonstrated it for him.

“Pinch off the head and turn it, then you can pull it out.”

Not only did she peel out the entire prawn meat, but she also pulled out the shrimp string.

Shi Xi placed the prawn meat on Wu Nis plate and said, “Try your spicy prawn.”

Wu Ni looked at the prawn meat in front of him in surprise.

“Is this peeled for me”

“Uh, you can eat it.

I cant eat it.” Shi Xi added, “I washed my hands before eating.

Dont worry.”

“This is the first time someone has peeled a prawn for me.” Wu Ni looked at the prawn meat in front of him and was still in a daze.

Shi Xi thought for a while.

She couldnt think of anything.

“Eat it,” Shi Xi could only say.

When the observation room and bullet screen saw that Shi Xi had peeled prawns for Wu Ni, they were all shocked.

[Wow! Shi Xi actually peeled prawns for Wu Ni!]

[Although, I thought it was for Chu Yuan.]

[Ah, how do I eat this pair To Shi Xi, Wu Ni is considered an uncle, right]

[Oh my god, Shi Xi is really flirting everywhere… Li Jinfan is already jealous.]

The camera purposely focused on Li Jinfan.

Li Jinfans jealous gaze landed on Wu Ni.

One Chu Yuan was enough, now there was another Wu Ni!

Li Jinfan rolled his eyes and thought of a good idea.

“Sister Xi, teach me how to peel it.

What I peel is incomplete.”

“Sure.” Shi Xi did not doubt him.

She picked up another prawn and pinched its head.

With a twist of her hand, the string of the prawn was pulled out and the prawn meat was peeled out completely.

Li Jinfan imitated Shi Xis actions and indeed, he pulled out the prawn meat in an instant.

“Sister Xi is so amazing!” Li Jinfan praised sincerely.

Shi Xi: “Thats right.

A person who cant eat prawns has a powerful skill in peeling prawns.”

She really should be lamenting about the creators magic.

Shi Xi casually passed the prawn to Wu Ni who was close to her and said, “This is braised in soy sauce.

You can eat it.”

Li Jinfan: !

F*ck, shouldnt she give it to him!

This was f*cking ridiculous!

He had prepared for this for so long, but she ended up giving it to Wu Ni

The bullet screen was filled with laughter.

[Li Jinfan is so miserable, Im dying of laughter.]

[I could tell that Li Jinfan wanted Shi Xi to peel the shrimp for him, but he didnt expect Shi Xi to give it to Wu Ni.]

[Theres no choice, Wu Ni is sitting closest to Shi Xi–]

[Qing Qing and Sister Wines expressions arent right.


After peeling the shrimp, Shi Xi used a napkin to wipe her hands.

However, she still felt uncomfortable, so she said, “Im going to wash my hands.”

Xu Ziqing stood up and smiled.

“Im going to get some soup.”

Shi Xi chose the kitchen nearby.

Xu Ziqing seemed to ask unintentionally, “You and Brother Wu have a good relationship.”

“Ah” Shi Xi recalled what she had done just now.

Afraid that there would be a misunderstanding, she quickly clarified, “No, I treat him like a senior.”

Wu Ni was already 28 years old!

She was only 18 years old!

Xu Ziqing smiled and said, “Im just asking.

I think Jinfan likes you quite a lot.”

“Hes just like that.

Hes full of enthusiasm,” Shi Xi commented.

Xu Ziqing scooped some soup and did not say anything else.

After dinner, Shi Xi helped to pack up the things and was alone with Feng Yingyuan in the kitchen.

Unlike Xu Ziqing, Feng Yingyuan did not beat around the bush.

She asked directly, “Who are you writing to tonight”

Shi Xi: “…Can I tell you that”

“Im just asking.” Feng Yingyuan shrugged and said, “From the looks of it, you want to write to Chu Yuan”

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