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Feng Yingyuan swirled her wine glass and looked at Wu Ni with a dazed expression.

“Did I mention that youre very handsome”

“Its not too late to say it now.” Wu Ni chuckled.

There was an ambiguous atmosphere between the two of them.

“Do you want to drink some wine” Feng Yingyuan asked.


Feng Yingyuan did not move and handed her glass forward.

[Two people sharing a cup!]

[Ah, is the progress so fast Did I miss something!]

[This is the love of an adult.

Im not surprised if they kiss in the kitchen!]

Just as Wu Ni was about to take the cup, the atmosphere was interrupted.

“Sister Feng” Xu Ziqing walked into the kitchen and asked cautiously, “Why are you here”

“Im here to get some wine.” Feng Yingyuan smiled elegantly and said to Wu Ni, “By the way, I want to eat spicy prawns.

Do you know how to cook them”

“I know how to cook them,” Wu Ni said.

Xu Ziqing interrupted, “Didnt you say you would braise them in red sauce”

“I cooked them according to your taste in the afternoon.

I want to eat spicy prawns tonight,” Wu Ni said.

“I want to eat spicy prawns too.”

“But I cant eat spicy prawns,” Xu Ziqing argued.

“Ill use less chili,” Wu Ni said.

“Or make two plates of prawns”

Shi Xi sat on the sofa and heard their argument.

This was the legendary Asura Arena, right

Li Jinfan and Shi Xi played flying chess and urged, “Sister Xi, its your turn.”

Shi Xi came back to her senses.


What did the Asura Arena have to do with her

In the end, they still made two plates of prawns.

One plate was braised in soy sauce, and the other plate was spicy.

Other than prawns, there were also crabs, oysters, and scallops.

Shi Xi took a glance at them before her eyes landed on the fried eggs with tomatoes and shredded pork with green beans.

There were only these two dishes that she could eat.

“I remember that seafood allergies can also eat prawns.” Xu Ziqing said, “I have a friend who is allergic to seafood.

He can eat prawns.”

“River prawns are fine.

Jiwei prawns are sea prawns.” Shi Xi ate the white rice and said plainly, “Its okay.

As long as there are dishes that I can eat.”

Xu Ziqing said apologetically, “Im sorry.

I didnt expect you to not be able to eat at all.”

Shi Xi: “…”

Actually, she could eat a little, but she was afraid that she would not control the dosage properly and have an allergic reaction.

They were still recording, so nothing could happen to her face.

Xu Ziqing liked to eat seafood, so eating naturally made her happy.

Feng Yingyuan poured a glass of wine for Wu Ni, who was drinking, while everyone else was drinking coconut milk.

Before Li Jinfan and Chu Yuan went on the show, their managers had already requested that they were not allowed to drink alcohol on the show.

Feng Yingyuan got what she wanted and ate the spicy prawns without much expression.

Only Xu Ziqing was paying attention to the people eating the prawns.

She wanted to see if they were eating the spicy prawns or the braised prawns.

Li Jinfan and Chu Yuan had full EQ.

They each ate two prawns and did not take sides.

It was obvious that they did not want to get involved in this Asura Arena.

Xu Ziqing insisted on asking, “Does Xiao Li like spicy food”

Li Jinfan said, “Both are fine.

Im not picky.”

“Sister Feng also said that shes not picky.” Xu Ziqing had a hidden meaning.

“But she still prefers spicy food.”

Li Jinfan laughed dryly, unable to continue.

Xu Ziqing asked again, “Why doesnt Brother Wu eat prawns”

Wu Ni said, “I dont like peeling prawns.”

Shi Xi said regretfully, “I thought you were allergic to seafood too.”

Wu Ni: “…”

“Prawns are very delicious.” Shi Xi said again, “And peeling prawns is also a process of enjoying delicious food.”

“I dont like it.” Wu Ni shrugged.

Although this seafood meal was mostly cooked by him, he ate very little.

Shi Xi looked at Wu Ni, feeling envious, jealous, and eager to obtain Wu Nis non-allergic constitution.

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