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On the way back, Wu Ni and Feng Yingyuan chatted for a while.

Wu Ni was a venture capitalist and Feng Yingyuan was a lawyer.

The two of them discussed the company they had worked with before.

After a few more words, Xu Ziqing was a little unhappy.

Xu Ziqing sat in the back seat with her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep.

Wu Ni saw Xu Ziqing sleeping through the rearview mirror.

He was so considerate that he stopped talking.

Xu Ziqing was pretending to be asleep, but the car was swaying.

She really fell asleep.

It was not until the car stopped that she woke up.

She said in a daze, “Oh Were here”

“Yes, you slept the whole way,” Wu Ni said with a smile.

Xu Ziqing said apologetically, “Im sorry.

I was a little sleepy.

I didnt know when I fell asleep.”

Feng Yingyuan gave Xu Ziqing a meaningful look and got out of the car.

When they entered the apartment, everyone smelled a fragrant smell.

Li Jinfan took out the bun from the oven and said, “You came back just in time.

I made some buns and brewed milk tea.”

Xu Ziqing went forward in surprise.

“It smells so good.

I was just hungry.”

Li Jinfan originally wanted to have afternoon tea alone with Shi Xi, but he didnt expect so many people.

Fortunately, he had baked enough buns.

Xu Ziqing ate the buns and sized up Shi Xi.

After Shi Xi woke up from her afternoon nap, she changed her clothes and braided her hair.

It wasnt easy to be an exquisite female artiste.

“Im done eating.” Xu Ziqing ate one and let go.

“Im going upstairs to wash my face.”

She said she was going to wash her face, but she was actually going to touch up her makeup.

She also changed her clothes and even changed into a necklace and earrings.

When the people in the Love Observation Room saw this, they all commented that Xu Ziqing was very scheming.

And now, it seemed that Xu Ziqing and Wu Nis relationship progressed the fastest.

Although Xu Ziqing was a little scheming, which caused some people to be dissatisfied, most people were prepared to memorize Xu Ziqings tricks and address her as Master of Love.

In the blink of an eye, it was time to prepare dinner.

Shi Xi looked at the pile of seafood and frowned.

Was there nothing that she could eat

“Seafood for dinner” Feng Yingyuan went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine for herself.

“Yeah.” Wu Ni was processing the shrimp when he looked at Feng Yingyuan with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

Feng Yingyuan saw that the two female guests had changed their clothes, so she went to change her clothes and touch up her makeup.

Her red lips were enchanting, and her long black dress accentuated the figure of a mature woman.

Her long and bright earrings added a hint of elegance and charm.

A female guest who could be on the program naturally had good looks.

Just a little dressing up was enough to amaze everyone.

The comments on the bullet screen regarding Feng Yingyuan also changed one after another:

[Sister Wine is so beautiful!]

Feng Yingyuan had been drinking ever since she appeared, and the netizens gave her the nameSister Wine.

[Sister, I can do it! I can do it!]

[This is what an adult should be like.

I really want to see Sister Wine fall in love.

She will definitely get on base eight times faster.]

[Brother Wu is already dumbfounded.

Ah, Wu Ni, dont you remember your Xiao Qing!]

Wu Ni obviously did not remember.

He looked at Feng Yingyuan with admiration in his eyes.

“What do you want to eat”

After Feng Yingyuan opened the glass of wine, she poured herself half a glass.

Shaking the red wine glass, she said, “Anything is fine.

Im not picky about food.”

Wu Ni advised, “Drink less wine.

Its not good for your body.”

Feng Yingyuan leaned against the table and leaned forward.

“Why Are you concerned about me”

“Yeah.” Wu Ni did not try to hide it.

The distance between the two of them was reduced to only the distance of a wine glass.

The observation team and the netizens were shocked.

They did not expect that there would be signs of this pair!

A six-person love game.

Two of them in a threesome.

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