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While they were in the kitchen, Xu Ziqing conveniently asked them about their preferences.

“What do you guys want to eat for lunch”

“Just eat whatever you have.

Im not picky,” Wu Ni was the first to express his stance.

Although there were quite a number of ingredients in the fridge, there were six of them in total.

One meal would probably be enough to eat half of it.

Xu Ziqing patted Wu Nis arm.

“Then Ill just make whatever I want.

Help me take out the meat from the fridge.”

This action was magnified by the camera, allowing the love experts in the observation room to interpret it.

[This is a girls trick.

Just a light pat on your arm and shell purposely have physical contact with you to lessen the distance between you.]

[Looks like Xiao Qing likes Wu Ni!]

And the comments on the bullet screen were even more vicious.

[There are only three male guests in total.

Li Jinfan and Chu Yuan are both artistes, so the chances of them successfully holding hands are zero.

Wu Ni has his own company, so she will definitely choose Wu Ni first!]

[The show is a love battle between two innocent celebrities.

I really want to see Shi Xi and Li Jinfans interaction!]

On the other side, Li Jinfan followed behind Shi Xi, watching what she was doing.

Shi Xi asked Chu Yuan, “Brother Chu, do you want to wash this What else do you want to wash”

Three people, two single arrows.

The audience loved to watch this kind of threesome.

They even silently shouted in their hearts,Fight! Fight!

Shi Xi asked Chu Yuan about his recent arrangements and also complimented him on his cooking skills.

“Boys nowadays rarely know how to cook.”

“I live alone and occasionally cook by myself.” Chu Yuan fried sweet and sour pork ribs and picked up a piece and placed it in a bowl.

He said, “Try the saltiness.”

Shi Xi ate the pork ribs and her eyes curved into a smile.

“Its just right.

Its very delicious!”

Li Jinfan watched from the side and the smile on his face could no longer be maintained.

Wasnt it just that he knew how to cook!

What was so great about it!!

With his mind wandering, he stopped cutting the vegetables and cut his finger.


Li Jinfan hurriedly withdrew his hand.

“Whats wrong” Shi Xi turned her head and saw Li Jinfans bleeding wound.

“Did you cut your finger”

“Its just a small wound.

Its fine.” Li Jinfan placed his finger under the water and rinsed it.

“Ill just find a band-aid and apply it.”

“The medical kit is under the coffee table.

Xi Xi, go get it and disinfect it while youre at it.” Chu Yuan said, “The dishes have been washed.

Leave the rest to us.”

Shi Xi still wanted to stay in the kitchen for a while, but when she saw Li Jinfans hand, she could only say, “Alright.”

The equipment in the villa was complete.

Shi Xi found the medical kit and stuck a band-aid on his finger.

Li Jinfan kept looking at Shi Xi, and his eyes could not help but smile.

“Thank you, Sister Xi.”

“No need to thank me.

Just be careful next time.” After Shi Xi stuck the band-aid on his finger, she even huffed twice.

“It doesnt hurt.”

Li Jinfans eyes lit up even more.

The observation room was filled with exclamations.

[Although Jinfan was injured, he won Shi Xis heart.]

[Shi Xi is really gentle.

When she bandaged Jinfan seriously, she was like an angel.

Especially when she huffed and puffed.

If I were a man, I would have fallen into it too.]

[Jinfan has fallen into it already, right]

[But Shi Xi doesnt seem to have realized Jinfans intentions.

She has been looking for an opportunity to talk to Chu Yuan.]

[Lets see who Chu Yuan is more interested in!]

In a harmonious and warm atmosphere, the camera took some time to focus on Feng Yingyuan in the room.

After drinking a bottle of red wine, she fell asleep.

Feng Yingyuan was only woken up once it reached the time to eat and went downstairs in a daze.

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