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It was because she wanted to live alone, but she got a double room.

With Xu Ziqing.

On the female guests side, the alcoholic Feng Yingyuan lived alone.

Shi Xi was very worried that this drunkard senior sister would drink herself to death and no one would notice.

On the male guests side, Chu Yuan and Li Jinfan stayed in a double room, while Wu Ni got a single room.

The comments were all over the place.

[When love rivals meet, their eyes turn red with envy.]

[Draw your sword!]

[This group is so interesting.

Chu Yuan and Li Jinfan are both artistes, so there will definitely be some stories.

Shi Xi is a straight woman, and Miss Xu feels like a green tea.

The female dormitory will definitely be restless.]

[Fast-forward to the sisterly chat at night!]

Of course, it wouldnt fast-forward so much.

Shi Xi moved her things to the double room.

Thankfully, the double room was very spacious.

There were two beds, two tables, and two wardrobes.

Shi Xi put her things away.

Xu Ziqing was also packing up when she suddenly asked, “Do you like Best Actor Chu”

“Ah” Shi Xi came back to her senses.

“What did you say just now”

“I said, do you like Best Actor Chu” Xu Ziqing probed.

Shi Xi thought for a moment and said, “Its more like respect for senior.”

Xu Ziqing slowly put down her makeup and said, “You girls should like a more stable man like Wu Ni, right”

“I like a man who is too different from me in age.” Shi Xi thought that Chu Yuan was a little different.

“Then you like Li Jinfan” Xu Ziqings eyes lit up with the light of gossip.

“Hes younger than me.” Shi Xi asked back, “Among these male guests, which one do you like the most”

Xu Ziqing said, “In terms of looks, Best Actor Chu is the most handsome.

Wu Ni is more considerate, but Li Jinfan is too young.”

Shi Xi and Li Jinfan came to participate in the love variety show, and it was like playing house.

Shi Xi smiled and said, “Its not bad for a brother-sister relationship!”

“Then hes too much younger than me!”

As the two of them gossiped, they gradually understood each others preferences.

After packing their things, the two of them went downstairs to prepare lunch.

The ingredients were prepared by the program team.

They had all kinds of pots and pans.

All they needed to do was to cook a meal that could be eaten.

Shi Xi said, “Let me say this first.

I dont know how to cook.

I can wash and cut vegetables.”

Xu Ziqing smiled sweetly.

“Ill do it.

You go and call Sister Feng.

She should know how to cook too.”

Shi Xi:…Sister Feng.

I keep feeling like Im getting too old to call her that.

It was as if she was calling her big sister.

Li Jinfan came down from upstairs and happened to meet Shi Xi.

His little tail instantly wagged.

“What does Sister Xi want to do”

“Look for Sister Feng and ask her if she knows how to cook,” Shi Xi said.

“I passed by her room just now and saw that she was sleeping.

She must have drunk too much,” Li Jinfan said.

“Im going to ask Brother Chu and Brother Wu if they know how to cook.”

As the youngest guest on the show, there were brothers and sisters everywhere.

Bullet comments: [Miss Xu is so good.

She only asks girls if they know how to cook.

She never thought of asking boys.]

[Two of them are artistes, and one is the CEO of the company.

I dont think they know how to cook, right What did Xiao Qing do to deserve being scolded Cant girls be less hostile to girls]

[Xiao Qing is well-versed in the hall and well-versed in the kitchen.

Shes the most suitable girl for love.

I thought everyone would like Xiao Qing, but I didnt expect so many people to talk about her green tea.]

[Huh I only said that she knows how to do it, but why are so many people jumping out to defend her I cant tell that shes green tea, so Ill say less.

Lets wait and see.]

Li Jinfan went to ask the other two people, and Chu Yuan and Wu Ni both said that they knew how to cook.

So, everyone gathered in the kitchen.

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