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Ning Yus personality had always been cold.

When she saw the necklaces that Shi Xi held up, she did not show much emotion.

Shi Xi looked at the necklaces in her hand and said, “Then you should wear this crescent moon.

It feels like youre like a bright moon, with a clear light from a thousand miles away.”

Hearing Shi Xis praise, Ning Yu turned her head to look at her, her eyes filled with inquiry.

Although Ning Yus personality was cold, she could sense that the people of the Shi Family did not like her.

Compared to her, a real daughter who had returned from the countryside, the people of the Shi Family preferred Shi Xi, who had grown up under their care and had a docile and had an obedient personality.

However, to Ning Yu, the people of the Shi Family were like a group of strangers.

She did not bother to curry favor with them.

She did not expect that Shi Xi would take the initiative to look for her.

Ning Yu took the necklace and said unnaturally, “Thank you.”

“This is a gift from Big Brother.

If you want to thank me, you can tell Big Brother yourself.” Shi Xi sized up her star necklace and said, “Help me put this on.”

Ning Yu looked at Shi Xi who was very close to her and felt a little uncomfortable.

However, Shi Xis eyes were bright like the bright stars in the night sky, unbridled and flickering in the endless black sky.

Ning Yu took the necklace and put it on her.

After Shi Xi put on the necklace, she straightened the star pendant, her eyes filled with anticipation.

“Does it look good”

The girl was wearing a dark blue dress, and the star pendant on her neck reflected a dazzling light under the light.

But the girls eyes were even brighter.

Under her crow-feather-like eyelashes, her black eyes were like the Polaris in the dark night.

The corners of Ning Yus mouth curled up slightly, and she could not help but reveal a doting smile.

“You look good.”

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When Shi Xi saw Ning Yu smile, she was slightly startled and said, “Your smile is so beautiful!”

Ning Yu coughed.

“Is there anything else”

Shi Xi looked at the time and reminded her, “You should change into your gown.”

“Yes.” Ning Yu took out a red gown from the wardrobe.

It was even brighter and more beautiful than the dress that Ning Yu had bought for her previously.

However, the moment she took it out, Ning Yu realized that something was wrong.

She pulled up the hem of the dress and frowned slightly.

The slit of the dress that was originally only open to the knees was now open to the waist.

She couldnt wear it at all.

Shi Xi didnt realize that the dress had been cut by someone.

With a face full of admiration, she suggested tactfully, “Isnt this slit too high”

When Ning Yu saw the dress, she suspected that Shi Xi had done it.

However, Shi Xi had such an innocent expression, as if she did not know about this.

“Its not that its too high, its that the dress has been cut.” Ning Yus eyes were slightly lowered, and there was a coldness in her eyes.

She had only returned to the Shi Family for a few days, and there was already someone who could not stand her and did such a small thing

“Hiss — Whos so bad!” Shi Xi took a deep breath and hurriedly said, “I didnt do it!”

How could she be so unlucky!

She actually appeared at the plot point where the female lead was framed!

This wasnt in the original plot!

Ning Yu pursed her lips and didnt say anything.

“Oh right, I also brought back the gown that I bought for you last time.” Shi Xi thought of this matter and immediately stood up.

“Ill go get it for you!”

Although Ning Yu didnt take the clothes that Shi Xi bought last time, Shi Xi still brought it back.

She didnt think that they would be useful so soon.

However, Ning Yu wouldnt suspect that she was the one who cut the clothes, right!

Shi Xi sighed.

The life of the female lead was too difficult.

Luckily, she was only a supporting actress.


While Shi Xi went to get the clothes, Ning Yu sat back in front of the computer and tapped on the keyboard a few times.

The screen flashed for a moment, and the surveillance video of the Shi familys corridor popped up.

Ning Yus room was on the innermost part of this floor.

No one else would normally pass by.

She had just brought the gown back yesterday.

She just needed to see who had entered her room during the period when she was not at home.

After seeing who had entered her room, Ning Yu was expressionless as she exited the surveillance interface.

Her phone flashed, and a message came in.

Ning Yu took a look.

It was an account entry message.

[Your last account number 4321 has completed a transaction of 200,000 with a balance of 71,271,896.]


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