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Seeing that she could not persuade her, Shi Xi stopped persuading her.

If she drank like this, her stomach would be punctured sooner or later.

“Sister Xi, if theres a team later, well choose each other, okay” Li Jinfan poured himself a glass of water and whispered to Shi Xi, “Were acquaintances, so it wont be awkward.”

Shi Xi thought it made sense and nodded.


It was indeed strange to team up with a strange man.

“If theres a choice, youll choose me, and Ill choose you,” Li Jinfan agreed with Shi Xi.

“Got it.” Shi Xi felt that Li Jinfan was a little long-winded.

The bullet comments started to suggest that the two of them were a couple.

[They are so compatible! Ah, how can they be so compatible!]

[Call me big sister in the day, at night big sister calls out, hehehe.]

[Upstairs, put on some clothes.

Its still daytime!! Make it dirty at night!]

[I didnt expect you guys to be LSP, hehehe, me too.]

Li Jinfans initiative and Shi Xis straightforwardness undoubtedly made the two of them even more compatible.

Even the post-editing had deliberately slowed down this segment.

The little puppy looked at Shi Xi.

After hearing the reply, his eyes sparkled like stars.

Meanwhile, Shi Xi lowered her head to look at the cup, her fingers tapping on the wall of the cup.

In the post-editing, they circled a large heart-shaped frame for the two of them, and countless pink bubbles rose.

But in the next second, the pink bubbles shattered.

“Chu Yuan” When Shi Xi saw the second male guest, her eyes widened in surprise.

Chu Yuan, the youngest three-time Best Actor in history, was handsome, cool, and rich.

This kind of man was in a love variety show

“Long time no see.” Chu Yuan smiled warmly and greeted Shi Xi.

Shi Xis eyes lit up and asked, “What would you like to drink Theres red wine and drinks in the kitchen.”

Chu Yuan looked at the quilt on the table and smiled, “Just plain water will do.”

Shi Xi immediately went to pour water for Chu Yuan.

Li Jinfan watched from the side, his teeth almost breaking from clenching his teeth.

He had poured the water himself just now!

But the moment Chu Yuan came, Shi Xi took the initiative to pour water for him!

Xu Ziqing saw that the second guest was Chu Yuan and was both surprised and delighted.

“Im your fan.

Ive seen all your movies!”

Chu Yuan said politely, “Thank you.”

Li Jinfan was displeased, but his face was still as bright as ever.

“Hello, Senior Chu.”

“I should be older than you.

Just call me Brother Chu.” Chu Yuan was very kind to his juniors.

After Li Jinfan called out, he realized that something was wrong.

Brother Chu, Sister Xi.

Was he rushing to be the younger brother of the two of them!

The bullet comments were already filled with laughter:

[The love between brother and sister is instantly broken.]

[Im dying of laughter.

When Shi Xi saw Chu Yuan, she instantly transformed into a little fangirl.

She didnt care about Li Jinfans thoughts at all.]

[I guess she forgot all about the agreement just now.

Hahaha, the little puppy is so miserable.]

[Although, thats Chu Yuan! Everyone would choose Chu Yuan, right!]

[Only children make choices.

Adults want all of them!]

Just as Shi Xi poured water for Chu Yuan, the third male guest arrived.

Compared to Chu Yuan and Li Jinfan, the third male guest looked much more ordinary, but he looked much more reliable.

Even though he was the last to appear, the male guest did not panic at all.

He said, “My name is Wu Ni, Im 28 years old, Im currently in venture capital, I own my own business, and I have two companies.

I hope that I can get along well with everyone in the following period of time.”

As he spoke, he added his identity information later on: A self-made bachelor with a net worth of over 100 million.

Among the many people who appeared, only Wu Nis introduction sounded like he was here for a blind date.

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