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Shi Xi pushed the suitcase and wanted to go upstairs.

The staff stopped her.

“Well wait for everyone in the room, then well draw lots to choose rooms.”

Shi Xi could only put the suitcase aside and sit on the sofa obediently, waiting for the others to come.

The camera focused on Shi Xi, but there was still not a single flaw in her face.

Her makeup was exquisite, and her eyelashes were long and thick like a doll.

She was unbelievably beautiful.

[Shi Xi is really beautiful!]

[The cameraman knows how to shoot well! Ill give them a chicken leg!]

[When she sits down obediently, she looks like a kindergarten child waiting for her teacher to hand out candy.

Shes so cute!]

Not long after, the second guest arrived.

The camera landed on the entire body of the guest from afar.

It was a slender girl.

Her short chestnut-colored hair made her look gentle and intellectual.

After entering the door, the female guest saw Shi Xi.

“Hello.” When Shi Xi saw the gentle and intellectual big sister, she immediately stood up to welcome her.

“My Name is Shi Xi.”

“Feng Yingyuan, lawyer.”

Shi Xis mind was filled with thoughts.

If she was a lawyer, she could just leave a will, right

When Feng Yingyuan got closer, Shi Xi could smell the faint smell of alcohol on her body.

After greeting her, Feng Yingyuan did not sit down.

Instead, she went straight into the open kitchen and said, “Do you want to drink something”

Shi Xi said, “Warm water is fine.”

Feng Yingyuan looked around the kitchen and found a bottle of red wine.

“Do you want to drink some red wine”

Shi Xi looked at Feng Yingyuans actions and thought to herself,Why are you so skilled

‘Everyone is here to participate in the program, not to drink!

“No need.

Ill just drink some warm water.” Shi Xi went into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water.

Feng Ying Yuan did not ask further.

Instead, she found the bottle opener and opened the red wine seriously.

The living room instantly became quiet again.

The sound of the door opening was heard.

Shi Xi looked over.

A long-haired girl walked in.

She wore a white dress and short skirt.

Her smile was very sweet.

“Hello, my name is Xu Ziqing.

Just call me Qing Qing.”

Feng Yingyuan asked, “Do you want to drink”

Xu Ziqings sweet smile stiffened slightly.

“Thank you, but theres no need.”

Shi Xi searched her mind for a while before asking, “What do you do for a living”

“I work in a foreign company now.” Xu Ziqings smile was very sweet.

“Youre Shi Xi, right Ive seen your online drama.

Its very good.”

“Thank you.” Shi Xi asked, “Do you want some water There are cups in the kitchen.”

Xu Ziqing declined politely.

“No need.

Im not too thirsty.”

Feng Yingyuan was still in the kitchen drinking.

She had no intention of socializing at all.

The three female guests were all present.

Next, it was time for the male guests.

The first person to walk in was tall and handsome with a sunny and lively personality — Li Jinfan.

“Eh Why are you here” Shi Xi was a little surprised to see Li Jinfan.

“Hello, Sister Xi.” Li Jinfans eyes were smiling as he said, “Even Sister Xi can come.

Cant I”

“You guys just debuted.

Why arent you practicing hard and going to variety shows every day” Shi Xi was puzzled.

Li Jinfan said helplessly, “Ive been practicing hard.”

There were few stages in the country, so even if they wanted to go on stage, they didnt have much of a chance.

Shi Xi introduced Li Jinfan to two female guests.

Xu Ziqing knew that Li Jinfan had just grown up, so she didnt take the initiative to speak.

Feng Yingyuan finally opened the red wine and poured herself a big glass.

She shook the glass and asked Li Jinfan if he wanted it.

Li Jinfan immediately refused.

“Thank you, I dont drink.”

Shi Xi reminded her, “Were still recording.

Its not good to be drunk.”

Feng Yingyuan drank a big mouthful of wine and said: “Dont worry, I wont go crazy when I am drunk.”

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